Sydney Sweeney Enjoys Girls’ Night Out With Actress Hadley Robinson; The Duo Belts It Out At The Karaoke

Sydney Sweeney Enjoys Girls’ Night Out With Actress Hadley Robinson; The Duo Belts It Out At The Karaoke

Sydney Sweeney and Hadley Robinson had a classic girls' night out. The duo sang their hearts out on karaoke night. In a video that surfaced online, the actresses can be seen belting the song while having just as much fun. The duo played sisters

Sydney Sweeney and Hadley Robinson’s karaoke session

Sydney Sweeney and Hadley Robinson killed it in a recent karaoke session. Sydney and Hadley visited The Backyard Bar in Key West Florida on Saturday night. A recent video of the actresses who played siblings in the movie Anyone But You surfaced online. In the video acquired by TMZ, the actresses sang their hearts out and gave their best performances, with Hadley even kneeling at a point in the 2023 romcom Anyone But You.

The first song was performed solo by Hadley and her go-to song choice seemed to be Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The actresses truly broke a leg on stage by kneeling for dramatic effect. The show was nothing short of a live concert. Then the group that accompanied the two stars sang Neil Diamond’s hit song Sweet Caroline. Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, Sweeney and her on-screen sister got on stage to perform a song from their movie. The duo performed Ben’s serenity song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Sydney and Hadley truly did the song justice by singing the song how it's meant to be sung; on the top of their voices.  

Sydney seemed to be wearing what looked like a pirate outfit. The outfit consisted of a black and white dress with a pirate hat. Hadley on the other hand went with something more casual, a flowy off-shoulder black blouse and black trousers. The whole group was reportedly spotted wearing pirate outfits. The group later headed out of the bar and ended their night at an ice cream shop.

Anyone But You premieres on Netflix 

Anyone But You grossed around $200 million worldwide. The movie premiered on the big screen in December 2023. Soon after the film was made available to stream online on Amazon Prime, the only catch was that subscribers would have to pay an additional cost to stream or rent the movie. Now, the movie is set to premiere on Netflix on April 23.

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