Who is Leo Skepi? – Cirrkus News

Who is Leo Skepi? – Cirrkus News

influencer typically uploads self-help and motivational content for his millions of followers.


Leo Skepi has over four million followers on TikTok[/caption]

Who is Leo Skepi?

Leo Skepi is an influencer and content creator who has over four million followers on TikTok.

He typically shares conversational vlogs about his daily life, fitness vlogs, or advice for his followers.

His first video on TikTok was uploaded in 2021. In the video, he is upset that many stores don’t accept American Express as payment.

In another popular upload, Skepi is showing his followers how to take a shot of tequila without it burning.

What does Leo Skepi do for a living?

Apart from posting on social media, Skepi has also launched an app called Positive Focus.

The app offers users positive messages and reminders to help boost their mood.

Positive Focus is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Skepi also hosts the Aware and Aggravated podcast.

The podcast is described as “The ultimate self transformation and self development podcast.”


Leo Skepi shares conversational vlogs about his daily life and fitness advice[/caption]

Why is Leo Skepi trending on TikTok?

In a since-deleted TikTok, Leo Skepi shared his thoughts on size inclusivity within the fashion industry.

He defended brands that don’t make clothing for plus-size people, saying, “They are allowed to make things for the people they want to make them for.”

Skepi went on to say, “If a piece of clothing is not flattering on you, it doesn’t mean the item or product is not flattering or is not good.

“It is not made for you.”

His comments sparked a lot of backlash, with many calling him fatphobic and body-positive influencers replying to his video.

Influencer Remi Bader stitched his video, and said, “We should just all be able to wear the same clothes.

“It’s that simple.”

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