4 Recent Technological Innovations Driving the Growth of Online Casino Industry

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Technology is a game-changer for many industries. Not many of them explain the advancement in technology in its operations like online gambling. The ever dynamic and the tech-savvy customers, who are mostly the younger generation, implies a casino site needs to satisfy their gaming needs and continuously be on its toes tech-wise to be competitive.

Online casinos now have a broader description than depositing with your credit card and playing online games with computer-generated outcomes. The new age gamblers want more. They want as much entertainment as they can get with a fair chance of winning. That is one of the reasons the industry is in touch with technological innovation and waste no time to adopt the relevant ones. Here are some of the technologies that are spearheading the growth of the online casino industry.

1. Live Dealer

One of the few drawbacks of the earliest online casinos was the inability to give the players the same immersive and thrilling experience of a land-based casino. Outcomes based entirely on computer algorithms do not offer many players the same thrill as placing a wager physically and against real humans. The live dealer casinos not only satisfy the entertainment cravings of the players but they also provide the right blend of the traditional casino experience with the convenience and sophistication of the new technologies.

A liver dealer is not a standalone technology. Several technologies combine with human touch and management to give the player an immersive casino-like experience. Some of the standout technologies used in live dealer casinos include Camera Recognition Technology, game control unit, digitized Casino wheels, and cloud server storage. These different technologies combine with human management and contribution to give the players a casino-like experience from the comfort of their rooms.

2. Blockchain Technology

Like every aspect of our lives that requires financial transactions, trust and security are paramount. It is even more in online gambling. The least a player expects from his preferred online casino is the fairness of the games’ outcomes.

Although several online casinos pride themselves in being fair, it is not 100% provable and several online players don’t totally trust regular online platforms. The full integration of blockchain technology into iGaming will change that narrative. One main attribute of blockchain technology is its decentralization, which is synonymous with transparency.

Blockchain technology involves a distributed ledger that makes all transactions and operations open to the public. The processes and essential parameters such as the odds, winning frequencies, and payouts are decentralized and controlled collectively by players’ actions and contributions. All the information in a decentralized system is provable and can be accessed by all players, making it almost impossible to rig the system and the results.

In addition to the fairness of the outcomes in a blockchain-integrated casino site, the technology also protects the identities and the funds of the players. The blockchain technology is reputed for anonymity and the automation of transactions with very little or no human involvement. The mix of online casino and blockchain technology is a win-win for both the iGaming companies and the online casino players.

3. Virtual Reality

The old casino players are more about making as much money as they can from gambling than entertainment. The younger generation gamblers are also about making money but want to do it while having fun. They are first the casual game players before hardcore gamblers. In the early days of online gambling, the casino sites had a hard time satisfying the gaming needs of this group.

VR technology is one of the latest technological trends that have the potential of attracting all types and ages of game players for years to come. It gives the same thrilling experience as a traditional casino, if not more. You can take it all in as you watch the slot machine spins or sit at the poker table and try to see through other players with your poker face on.

The VR innovation is gaining traction in entertainment. It is only a matter of time before it becomes red-hot in the casino sphere. A good number of online casinos, which SlotsMillion casino is a prime example, have jumped on the VR trend to a successful effect. You can access the excitement and fun in the form of a game house’s lobby with slot machines, 3D casino game table, and realistic casino sound.

You can also replicate every action possible in a real casino, including interaction with dealers and other players, buying drinks, and much more. All of that through the lens of OculusRift or other compatible headsets.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence and its effect on our lives is limitless. Like other technologies, AI can be applied to a menacing effect. But we are more interested in the positive application of AI technology in online gambling.

AI is a technology that integrates self-correction into a machine by following preset information and rules. The basic idea is for machines to make decisions based on all the information and rules it was provided and its ‘experience.’

Judging by its steady progress in other fields such as automotive, finance, healthcare, education and others, the technology will be a major game-changer in no distant future. This technology can be applied to better customer experience and the growth of an online casino, depending on the brand. Online casino creativity can only be the limit to the potential of AI.

A few of the applications of Artificial Intelligence include preventing gambling addiction, hindering cheating, improved customer service, etc. The online casino industry and other industries are yet to scratch the surface of the goodies that AI can bring. Sure, whatever the future of online is, AI technology will definitely be part of it.

Final Thought

The iGaming industry is fast-changing and getting more competitive every year. For an online casino, there is hardly a better way to stay ahead of competitors than to give the players a highly entertaining gaming experience and a fair chance of winning. All the recent technology changes and trends can only mean one thing, online casino players are in for highly entertaining and provably fair gambling.

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