The worldwide eCommerce retail deals in 2021 are $4.921 trillion, and they will fill more in the impending years. What might be said about getting a piece of this portion of the overall industry? On the off chance that you have a strong eCommerce-based startup thought, all you want is simply to begin the online store and begin selling.

7 Best ECommerce Platforms For Small Business And Startups

To venture into the cycle, the primary thing is to track down the best eCommerce platform for new companies. Choosing the right stage will make the further advances smoother. Everything looks great with the choices. You will have huge loads of choices, to begin with. However, a couple is startup-accommodating. Here I will acquaint you with the main 7 Startup accommodating eCommerce platform. Look at them and observe the nitty-gritty data before you start.

What Is An ECommerce Startup?

At the point when a startup depends on selling physical or computerized items internet utilizing a site is called an eCommerce startup.

There are two sorts of eCommerce platforms – free and SaaS (Software as a Service) based.

The reason for an eCommerce startup is to make the purchasing system convenient for end clients.

Individuals pick an assortment of stages for selling items on the web.

For What Reason Do You Need An Ecommerce Platform?

At the point when somebody prescribes you to utilize an eCommerce platform, you could think why not your foundation.

All things considered, you can without a doubt construct your special eCommerce platform with heaps of customizations. However, that will not be attainable for a startup. It will cost colossal to construct all that without any preparation.

Then again, with the eCommerce stages, you will prepare everything. You could begin free of charge for certain stages. There is no requirement for recruiting designers or any additional expense. For eCommerce new companies, the smartest thought is, to begin with, a free arrangement and afterward move up to premium if necessary.

What To Consider To Choose The Best Ecommerce Platform?

You will have huge loads of eCommerce platforms on the lookout. However, if you are thinking about the best one for eCommerce small businesses, think about the accompanying things –


You want to plan an eCommerce store with next to no issue, correct? Along these lines, whichever stage you pick, ensure the platform is amateur well disposed. It shouldn’t have an excessive number of specialized things.

It is conceivable, to search for a demo to get the interaction. That will give an outline of the subtleties. Assuming that the highlights look straightforward, put it all on the line.

Outsider Tools Integration

In the present web improvement industry, all web platforms permit coordinating outsider devices to get progressed highlights. For eCommerce, hosting a smooth third-get-together combination system is significant.

Instruments like ShopEngine give you better command over an eCommerce store. Incorporating progressed highlights doesn’t require additional work or specialized information.

Stock Management

Assuming the startup thought depends on actual items, stock administration could be a major test. An appropriate stock administration framework assists with adjusting the organic market.

Along these lines, while checking for the highlights of a specific eCommerce platform, search for the stock administration framework. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with a component, contact support and request a point-by-point board framework.

WooCommerce has gained notoriety for better stock administration frameworks. Along these lines, examine the subtleties if it fulfills your need.

Website Design Enhancement Friendly

Assume you have a great startup thought and you are fostering the best items however nobody is getting it. Sounds unusual? Indeed, if you can’t direct people to the store, there will be no deals by any means.

You want to upgrade the store for Search Engines. Whenever the eCommerce stage is SEO well disposed and gives the expected devices, it turns out to be not difficult to drive more traffic and get more deals.


For eCommerce stores, traffic comes from an assortment of sources. The traffic demography, normal time on the site, and a few different experiences help to get where to work in the store.

Best eCommerce platforms are utilized to give bits of knowledge to stores. For example, you would know the geological information for traffic, age range, active visitor clicking percentage, and the sky is the limit from there.

Why Do Big Brands Use ECommerce Platforms?

Online presence is something any association can’t disregard. To keep a constant association, to contact another crowd base, or essentially to keep themselves refreshed a wide range of associations currently depend on the online platform.

Check Some Center Reasons And Advantages

  • A simple method for coming to, associating, and speaking with the buyers
  • The adaptable method for arriving at new clients
  • Beginning, making due, and creating is anything but a making a difference to stress over
  • Versatility and customization are the two extreme benefits
  • Simple to work with marvelous security
  • Choices to frame individuals just regions
  • Remarkable input at low spending plan
  • Productivity to advance and guarantee business development
  • At long last, it’s an interest of time. Anybody could simply fall behind if overlooks it!

Not just that, it’s assessed that worldwide online business deals will arrive at 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. That would most likely make ecommerce business a developing and beneficial industry to be in.

Top 7 Ecommerce Platforms For Startups

Considering what are the best eCommerce platforms where you can begin calm?

After enthusiastic exploration, I at long last picked the best 7 eCommerce platforms that are not difficult to utilize, very much organized, and allowed to begin.

1. WooCommerce

Key Features

  • A single tick WooCommerce establishment in WordPress
  • Implicit outsider installment framework
  • Intuitive element to set up a store
  • Bother free item posting with an inherent element
  • Reasonable for private ventures to huge organizations

Contrasted with other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce has the greatest piece of the pie. In 2021, the complete portion of the overall industry of WooCommerce is 27% and it is developing quickly.

This platform needs WordPress CMS and it requires no investment to introduce. There are no confounded advances. Simply introduce WooCommerce on your facilitating plan and afterward introduce WooCommerce, that’s it in a nutshell.

The usability and huge loads of outsider apparatuses made this stage so famous. The best part is, that you might change over your old eCommerce stores to WooCommerce.

There are two approaches with WooCommerce – free and Saas-based.

The free form is best for direct selling eCommerce platforms. The SaaS-based WooCommerce is best for membership-based eCommerce stores.

When you introduce WooCommerce, you can plan the entire store just with a module like Shopengine. Shopengine is the most developed WooCommerce Elementor developer that is an across-the-board answer for eCommerce.


  • Free docs and video assets
  • Amateur agreeable dashboard
  • Bother free outsider mix
  • Search engine optimization was agreeable and got


  • The SaaS model requires a month to month membership
  • Progressed highlights the need for outsider modules

2. Shopify

Key Features

  • Comes in outsourcing prepared highlights
  • Shopify has specialists to enlist for store
  • 6000+ applications are prepared to coordinate with Shopify
  • Prepared to sell discount items

Assuming you are searching for the best eCommerce platforms for outsourcing, Shopify would be a fantastic decision. It is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform.

Assuming your startup thought is profoundly engaging to a private venture model, simply let it all out.

The most amazing aspect of Shopify is, that there are huge loads of applications for variable purposes. Along these lines, when you are simply beginning the store, it will not require a lot of investment to add new highlights.

With Shopify, you can sell an assortment of items. Remarkably, assuming you have the arrangement to begin an outsourcing business, Shopify is the ideal arrangement. Traffic from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest changes over better in Shopify.

Like WooCommerce, Shopify likewise permits you to change stores from any platform over to Shopify.

In any case, assuming that you are remembering to begin little and develop the store ceaselessly, Shopify won’t be sufficient. In such a case, you can change the store over to WooCommerce.


  • Pre-assembled formats for email promoting
  • Robotized message choice for client managing
  • Simple to offer a custom rebate
  • Enough assets to get familiar with the interaction


  • Has no free choice
  • Necessities to have specialized information

3. BigCommerce

Key Features

  • Reasonable to sell a wide scope of items
  • Upholds social business to get more income
  • Simple API coordination for advertising computerization
  • Highlights multi-money and multi-dialects

BigCommerce is an advanced eCommerce platform that is exceptionally reasonable for new companies. Particularly, assuming that you are getting ready to offer something interesting and need to give the store a custom look.

BigCommercegot famous due to its elements. They have an assortment of elements to incorporate all that you can dream of for an eCommerce store.

Contrasted with WooCommerce, BigCommerce has a little piece of the pie. Yet at the same time, it is a decent decision for new companies as a result of exploring dashboard simple.

BigCommerce takes into consideration multichannel deals, discount items, and then some.

Assuming you as of now have begun an eCommerce store, you can change over the store straightforwardly to BigCommerce. You could introduce WordPress with BigCommerce.

As a reference, you will have huge loads of customization choices with BigCommerce – Checkout customization, subject customization, portable improvement, and that’s just the beginning.

The best part is, that it is a strong eCommerce platform concerning SEO. You can advance the robots.txt, metadata, and URL to rank better.


  • Worldwide CDN for quick stacking
  • Prepared to incorporate B2B installment
  • Local POS framework to get deals refreshes
  • Simple to coordinate custom rebate


  • For customization, you want to employ individuals from BigCommerce
  • Subjects and modules are generally costly

4. Magento

Key Features

  • Adaptable elements to execute for another site
  • Bother free requests and items the executives
  • Enough assets to become familiar with the cycle
  • Simple to explore client dashboard

A couple of years back, most of the eCommerce websites were created in light of the Magento platform. Presently they have a small piece of the pie. Yet at the same time, it very well may be a decent choice for new companies.

Presently the platform is claimed by Adobe. Adobe has executed new elements for eCommerce sites and presently offers premium memberships. On the off chance that you are thinking about an eCommerce platform for excellent illustrations, Magento is a decent choice.

As the platform presently runs in light of the SaaS model, you want to burn through cash before beginning. You can be that as it may, begin with the open-source which is free. In any case, that will require sufficient specialized information. In the SaaS model, there are a few choices for valuing and clients can request a demo before beginning.

Magento is like the WooCommerce platform. It accompanies a drag and drops the component to plan an eCommerce website without composing any code. However, by and large, it is a piece extreme for fledglings to begin with.

Assuming that you have a decent spending plan for the site in the startup plan, you might pick maroon.


  • Gives an understanding of progress
  • Excellent UI/UX and layouts
  • An enormous library for assets
  • Better client care


  • Free choice accessible just for the open-source
  • Fewer choices to incorporate outsider devices

5. WIX

Key Features

  • Huge library of pre-assembled media for eCommerce websites
  • Inherent installment framework for clients’ benefit
  • Default truck and checkout pages
  • Free money switcher and robotized deals charge

Wix is a comparable substance the board framework to WordPress. With the Wix web designer, one can plan any sort of site without composing codes.

Other than customary web builders, Wix offers different assistance for eCommerce, which is known as Wix eCommerce. Like the ordinary manufacturer, the eCommerce developer has a simplified choice.

The eCommerce component of Wix works in the SaaS model. Along these lines, the site proprietor necessities to pay month to month for the help. The essential bundle begins at $17/month. Every one of the bundles will have capacity and component impediments.

Utilizing Wix, even a non-tech fellow can plan a custom eCommerce site, which is tremendous cash putting something aside for new companies. Simply pick the arrangement and plan a portable upgraded store with every one of the vital pages.

It includes a huge media library, blog formats, and some more. Overseeing item stock and orders turns out to be simple.


  • Accompanies free SSL authentications
  • No requirement for extra expense for installment joining
  • Highlights multichannel stock administration
  • Implicit SEO devices to help traffic
  • Appropriate for both physical and computerized items


  • The free choice doesn’t work for eCommerce sites

6. Squarespace

Top Features

  • Prepared formats to plan flexible sites
  • Ordinary online classes to get familiar with the interaction
  • The helping community is dynamic and amateur well disposed
  • Bother free item posting and item indexes

Considering planning an online store utilizing layouts? Then go for SquareSpace which makes it simple. This stage is reasonable for various sorts of sites including eCommerce.

As an eCommerce startup, you can sell a wide scope of stuff here. For example, it very well may be computerized items, actual items, works of art, and some more.

Whichever design you want, you will track down related formats. Thus, there is a compelling reason need to begin all that without any preparation. Pick the layout and alter the areas as indicated by your business interest.

SquareSpace gives every one of the highlights to new eCommerce new small businesses. You will get a default installment mix, different augmentations, prepared checkout pages, and the sky is the limit from there.

Regardless assuming you have no information about this stage. They have an enormous assortment of assets. Look at them and figure out how you can execute the highlights.


  • Simple to deal with the item stock
  • Adaptable transportation choices
  • Permits outsider apparatuses API coordination
  • All well-known installment incorporations
  • Promoting devices are accessible on the stage


  • Doesn’t host some third-gathering instruments

7. BigCartel

Top Features

  • Simplified elements to plan the store
  • Created by craftsmen, so it is exceptionally specialist cordial
  • Doesn’t need outsider instruments for new stores
  • Simple to explore dashboard and better bits of knowledge

If you are searching for the best global eCommerce platforms to sell expressions and plans, look at the BigCartel platform. It is a particular eCommerce platform for craftsmen and workmanship-based new businesses.

Notwithstanding, the stage is famous with a particular gathering who like to sell inventive works like expressions, plans, and specialties.

The beneficial thing is despite being a SaaS-based plan of action, they are offering a free choice. In the free arrangement, you can transfer up to 5 items.

In the exceptional bundles, they give admittance to additional experiences. For example, you can check google examination information, deal with the item stock, track transporting, and more.

The stage is moderately simple beginning with a store to sell expressions and other imaginative plans. There is a compelling reason need to gain proficiency with any specialized language.


  • Great UI/UX
  • Simple to follow requests and shipments
  • Autopilot deals with charge framework
  • Takes into consideration mass altering that recoveries time


  • No default installment combination

Which One Do We Recommend?

We have recorded 7 eCommerce stages for small businesses in this rundown. In this way, you may be pondering which one we suggest most.

Indeed, every one of the above eCommerce stages has a few remarkable elements. However, assuming you consider the general benefits and disservices, WooCommerce is the champ. Whether it is a major startup thought or a little online store, WooCommerce offers total help.

When you get into WooCommerce, you will investigate the highlights of outsider instruments. A large number of designers are dealing with inventive WooCommerce modules. New instruments come into the market oftentimes that are useful for present-day eCommerce stores.

However, on the off chance that your startup thought depends on an outsourcing model, we truly do suggest Shopify. There you will track down better help for item conveyance to item capacity. Additionally, you will have the fundamental applications and instruments for outsourcing stores. Pick the right to intend to begin and let it all out.

How Do Ecommerce Platforms Work?

Fundamentally, eCommerce stages permit you to plan a site given its assets. Contingent upon the organization, an eCommerce stage gives the office of transferring item subtleties without specialized information, adding new areas of the site, and the sky is the limit from there.

The best part is, that eCommerce stages accompany default item stock administration and request the board frameworks. Everything is available in the dashboard.

Some eCommerce stages even give point-by-point knowledge and SEO-accommodating instruments to help traffic. Thus, assuming that you layout an eCommerce startup in light of a stage, it will be useful to cut the costs of a site plan.

Where To Begin For A New Ecommerce Website?

When you pick the eCommerce stage, the time has come to pick a space name and a facilitating plan. In the following stage, introduce the fundamental apparatuses.

Assuming you have picked the WooCommerce stage that we suggested, introduce WordPress in your facilitating plan. Presently go to the WordPress dashboard and introduce WooCommerce. There you can transfer the items as well as different subtleties.

To plan a practical eCommerce store, we enthusiastically suggest Shopengine – The Ultimate WooCommerce arrangement. You will get all that another eCommerce store requests.

Regularly Asked Questions

1. Is an eCommerce business great to begin?

Indeed, beginning a business in the eCommerce model is the smartest thought for impending years. The business is becoming forceful after the pandemic. Most individuals are becoming acclimated to ecommerce shopping.

2. Which eCommerce is best for new companies?

For new businesses, WooCommerce is the best eCommerce stage as it is allowed to begin. Additionally, WooCommerce has the best assortment of outsider devices to incorporate new elements for a store.

3. Could I at any point begin an eCommerce site with a low financial plan?

Indeed, you can. Pick an eCommerce stage that offers a free choice. Begin free of charge and afterward plan the site. At the point when you are creating again or have a spending plan, purchase the exceptional membership as well as instruments and coordinate progressed highlights.

4. Is WooCommerce allowed to begin?

Indeed, the fundamental bundle is allowed to begin. There is an exceptional choice too in the SaaS model. That one is appropriate generally for computerized items selling.

5. What amount does it cost to plan a SaaS-based eCommerce website?

It relies upon your picked stage for the eCommerce website. Assuming that it is with WooCommerce, planning a SaaS site won’t require any coding.

Last Words

Along these lines, you ought to now have an unmistakable thought of which eCommerce stage you ought to decide on for your startup. Try not to contemplate specialized things. Simply look at the highlights of various stages and pick one that best matches the sort of the startup.

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