8 Car Chargers to Juice Up Your Electronics On-the-Go

you looking for that perfect car charger for your phone? It can be hard to find
the right one. Sometimes you need the fastest charging possible and other times
you may need several ports for your friends or family during a road trip. Here
are eight options to look into for the best charging experience.


the top of Amazon’s best-selling car chargers is the Maxboost with Smart USB ports. You’ll be able to
connect any mobile device to it for high-speed charging. It has two standard
USB ports so multiple devices can charge at the same time. In fact, it can
handle two tablets or iPads simultaneously. Additionally, its circuit design
prevents overheating and fire hazards, which makes it a safe bet for any
traveler or group.


you’re looking for a charger that can handle up to four devices at high speed,
RAVPower’s Quick Charge 3.0 could be the right
option for you. It comes with four 12-watt USB ports, which makes it perfect
for a trip with your friends or family. It also doesn’t take up a significant
amount of space — you can plug it in as you normally would and let the
high-speed charger take care of the rest.

Scosche ReVolt

powerful charger is Scosche’s ReVolt Dual USB for the car. This
capable device allows you to connect two tablets at once and let them charge.
With 12-watt ports, Scosche offers a quick way to regain your device’s battery
life. Of course, you can charge things other than tablets, so long as you have the
time to wait until they’ve charged fully. It’s always important to see how
those kinds of devices fare with car chargers. With Scosche, it’s a safe

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helpful portable charger for multiple lifestyles 
Belkin’s Road Rockstar
, equipped with four USB ports. This charger
has two 2.4-amp chargers in the front for those in the front seats. However, it
goes a step further for those in the backseat. The device has two additional
USB ports via an extendable six-foot cable so everyone can charge. Anyone who
knows the struggle of a short cord also knows how valuable this cable could be.
Taking turns charging no longer needs to be an issue with Belkin’s charger.

Anker PowerDrive

you’re looking for something simple that still holds a lot of juice, Anker’s PowerDrive 2 USB charger is a beneficial
investment. With 2.4 amps, this Anker product can charge any product that
connects through a USB port. With it, you’ll be able to charge devices like
phones and tablets, but not laptops. If you need a three-foot charging cable,
it comes with that, too. This lightweight charger is simple and powerfully
useful at the same time.


you need more than just a USB port. With Nekteck’s USB Type C charger, you can connect
both standard USB cables as well as USB-C cables. Many Apple products are
switching over to type C ports, so this car charger will be perfect for those
devices. You’ll also be able to charge your Nintendo Switch, some Dell laptops
and certain Chromebooks as well.

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Jelly Comb

you’re going to be in the car with a lot of people, sometimes you need a lot of
USB ports. Luckily,
Jelly Comb’s USB charger comes with six ports for
simultaneous charging. With 65 watts, Jelly Comb offers rapid charging and
comes with a three-foot cable. A unique feature of this device is that it can
recognize and remember your device. From there, it will distribute the maximum
charge available for it.

Roav Viva

products take what you once thought was impossible and make it a reality. With
Alexa-enabled Viva charger
, you’ll be able to get all the help you
need form the automated assistant, all voice-activated. If you want directions
or any other task, simply ask Alexa. However, if you want to turn it off, you
can press the mute button on the top of the charger. You can do all of this
while still charging your devices at high speeds.

the Right Charger

of these chargers comes with unique features that excel in certain areas.
You’ll want to consider your needs before purchasing. Do you have a big family
that needs to charge in the car? Do you have USB-C devices to charge? As you
consider what you need, you can then invest in the best device for charging

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