Apple iPod Touch 7th Gen To Release Soon According To Rumours

By Haider Ali Khan 6 days ago

Ever since the first iPod was released back in October of 2001, the tech-industry has never been the same. Especially not for Apple. It has been one of Apple’s most revolutionary products to date. Yet the portable music player hasn’t seen a new release in more than 4 years. This however could soon be changing. Rumours suggest that the iPod Touch might soon be getting a 7th-Genartion model.

Japanese tech-based news website MacOtakara have been informed at CES 2019 by suppliers that the iPod Touch 7th Generation is under development and will most likely see a release date later this year.

The last variant of the iPod Touch (the 6th-Gen) was released in July of 2015, and it was updated with the latest at-the-time A8 microprocessor chip along-side an optional 128GB storage variant, which is currently priced at $299. The price of the new 7th Gen iPod Touch is still yet unknown but given Apple’s release history, it will probably be in the $200-$500 ballpark with different storage variants being available for buyers to choose from.

Any more information regarding the new device has not yet been specified. However, it is a given that they will be implementing a much faster chip from their A-series bundle. Additionally, an improved camera and better audio output will definitely be on their list of features to add upon on their latest release.

The MacOtakara rumours also suggest that Apple will be switching to USB-C in 2019 and will implement it in any and all 2019 iPhone releases. Change is not uncommon to Apple users, however the change to USB Type-C from the company’s famous lightning port may see both negative and positive reaction from Apple users. Additionally, this begs the question on whether or not they will be doing the same for the 7th Gen iPod Touch.

There are plenty of options for Apple to choose from when it comes to how they want to upgrade their iPod family, and if rumours are to be true, then Apple fans and iPod users alike will either be in for a treat, or a disappointing surprise, with the release of a brand new iPod Touch later on this year.

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