I have to thank the amazing and talented @axl99 for my new banner art. It is adorable and I love it. I changed the old theme because it was really getting dated (the Mega Man joke was no longer applicable as of 2017 with Mega Man 11′s release). This is what you get when you have a professional, experienced concept artist come up with something for you! She also does commissions occasionally! [Click here for larger size].


There are several great details in the picture. The island and the new background color are there primarily to get the viewer to notice that something’s very different. If you think about it, blogs are kind of like islands that you visit too, aren’t they? Aside from that, the salt shaker should be self-explanatory, and the message in the bottle (plus the empties) are there to show how I answer questions. The discord folks have joked that the water pitcher is filled with the tears of angry gamers. Tonberries are also one of my favorite gaming monsters and I’ve used a Tonberry avatar for a very long time in other places. Finally, there’s an armchair because… well, there has to be an armchair whenever anyone talks about game dev, right?

Regular posts resume tomorrow.

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