Business Calendar 2 Pro MOD APK is a calendar app that offers everything you need: It gives you a clear picture of your schedule, is simple to use, and provides you with strong tools for planning and organizing your activities and tasks. In one app, you’ll find your personal organizer calendar, schedule planner, and task organizer. Six key viewpoints have been clearly designed: Month, week, day, agenda, year, and tasks popup in month view with event details directly in month view flexible daily and weekly planner, instantly adaptable to 1-14 days. Choose from a variety of calendar widgets, such as an agenda widget, a month widget, a week widget, and so on. synchronize with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and other calendars. With the favorite bar, you can rapidly reveal and hide calendars with simple swipes between month, week, and day.

Business Calendar 2 Pro MOD APK

Calendars for birthdays and public holidays, Quick Appointment Scheduler drags events to the correct time, with quick and easy dialogs to enter event details. Smart suggestions for title, venue, and participants are made based on past entries. Without having to type, you can add events, tasks, and birthdays using the strong voice input tool. recurrences that are flexible Reminders in the status bar or popup alerts snooze reminders, display a map, send an email to participants, or check chores right from the notification.

Business Calendar 2 Pro MOD(1)

Widgets with a Difference 7 professional calendar widgets: agenda widget, month widget, week widget, day widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task widget, task
Customize each calendar widget to meet your specific requirements. Events can be synchronized or synced locally with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and other services. Tasks can be synced with Google Tasks utilizing the Android calendar synchronization feature. If you wish to, you may also use our calendar app as a local appointment scheduler and organizer.

Business Calendar 2 Pro apk(1)

Always Use the Correct Tools View and respond to meeting invitations in a dedicated view heat map in year view to quickly locate free days optional continuing notification with event countdown live search in all views share your events and tasks with ease. Emoticons can be added to your events and tasks, and there are over 600 to choose from. (EmojiOne provides free emoji artwork at

Business Calendar 2 Pro Premium Features

Business Calendar 2 is available for free download and use for as long as you wish. Additionally, by making a one-time purchase, you can gain access to several highly valuable premium features in our calendar app:

  • There are no advertisements.
  • Attach files and photographs to events in our weekly planner, which includes an integrated weather report in the day, month, and agenda views. Drag and drop events to move, copy and delete them.
  • Using multi-selection in the agenda, you can move, copy, and delete many events at once.
  • Copy an event to numerous days at once, for example, to quickly place your work shifts.
    ideas for destinations based on TomTom’s database
  • Create templates for new events and tasks easily and confidentially by linking a contact to your appointment.
    alarms that keep going off
  • Personalized ringtones for various calendars
  • Tasks that are repeated, subtasks, and task priorities
  • There are 22 attractive themes available for the app (e.g. dark theme)


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