Modern technology has been the most important factor in the big expansion of the online gambling industry in Canada and around the world. Thanks to it, many gamblers can now enjoy their favorite casino games from anywhere at any time.

In this article, we will focus on the modern technologies that shape the gambling experience in online casinos across the globe.

Mobile Gaming Tech

In today’s online gambling industry, mobile casino technology has become very advanced and cutting-edge. Many game providers are developing their online casino games with the latest HTML5 technology, which allows the players to enjoy these games on any mobile device.

Also, the majority of online casinos are supporting this type of technology on their website, making it approachable for every player that wishes to wager from their mobile device. Online casinos that are using this technology don’t have to waste any time and money on developing a mobile app, as their site is optimized for the use of any mobile device.

There are many casino bonuses aimed specifically at mobile players, the best of which are listed at Bonus finder Canada.

Live Streaming

The live streaming technology provides the players with a similar experience as the land-based casino offers, but with certain perks that are in their favor. This highly advanced technology allows the players to enjoy every casino game where the action is run by a live dealer.

Players can wager on their favorite casino games on their phones, tablets, or computers, from the comfort of their homes. The streams are often conducted with HD quality which is streamed from several cameras from different angles.

The only requirement that the players need is to have a stable internet connection to make sure that the HD streams are running smoothly.


Blockchain is one of the latest and immensely popular technologies that has drastically changed modern mechanization. This new technology is the foundation for cryptocurrencies, which are conquering the world.

The blockchain ensures that all transactions are safe, secure, fast, and inexpensive, which makes them ideal for online gambling. Today many online casinos are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods, for depositing and withdrawing.

As the popularity of blockchains and cryptocurrencies keeps growing, more people will start using them regularly as a payment method.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another technology that is changing the online casino landscape. It’s the most immersive technology that allows casino operators to make their customers feel like they are playing in an actual casino.

As the technology keeps on going forward and the virtual reality market keeps on growing, it’s only a matter of time before fully packed virtual casinos join the market. There are certain online casino platforms in Canada that support playing virtual reality slots on smartphones. All the players need is a cheap headset for their smartphone to turn it into a VR headset.

Geographical Location Sensors

The detection of the location of a computer or a laptop is easy, but so is locating mobile devices. Their GPS sensors are helping online casinos to determine whether the player is accessing the platform from a legal territory.

Online casinos from Canada are using the geolocation technology that is helping them to locate the player and give them access to all the platform’s features. This technology has proved to be exceptionally useful in Canada, as different provinces will have different online casino regulations.

The geolocation technology will prove very helpful for companies to stay compliant with the local regulations.


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