When was the last time you met someone for a coffee date? You might have to think a little hard because, for about two years now, we have been living under the Covid-19 scare.

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, right? In case you have had enough, then it is time to try virtual dating. Under this setup, you get to meet multiple prospects and have deep conversations, the only difference being you carry your own coffee.

If you have been active on a video speed-dating app, you must have realized that connectivity is not quite a smooth process. Connecting with interest from your community must have been a slightly cumbersome process. It is time to overcome this limitation by turning to an online speed dating app that is community-specific.

What is Virtual Speed Dating?

Unlike traditional speed dating, virtual speed dating allows you to meet multiple prospects from your mobile, tablet, or laptop. As a part of video dating, you get to converse with every interest for seven to eight minutes.

Based on these short conversations, you need to decide if you would like to reconnect with any prospect. With these kinds of apps, you continue your dating game while keeping the possibility of developing a serious relationship alive.

Assist your community by deciding to build a virtual speed dating app:

Did you feel awkward the last time you attended a matchmaking community event? Indeed, it becomes difficult to look at a person in the eye; the one you have chosen to skip past.

A way out is to introduce a virtual community dating app, where people from the same community can interact with each other and figure out if a relationship can flourish.

1. Meet Serious Singles:

If you are done with casual dating and would like something deep and meaningful, then a Hindu, Polish, Sikh, or Muslim dating app is where you should be heading next.

Here, you will get to exchange views and understand perspectives of different prospects from your community. Ultimately, you can decide where it is likely to click long-term.

2. Counter Parental Concerns:

If your parents are not open to online matchmaking, then there is going to be trouble in paradise. You can get your parents to agree with you by throwing in the “same community” card.

If you are a Hindu, let your parents know that you are on a Hindu dating app, which means you get to interact only with Hindu prospects. This would help in keeping your parental concerns under check.

3. Easy on the Pocket:

If you are interested in having a personal dating experience without digging a hole in your pocket, then virtual speed dating apps are a go-to for you.

That being said, even if you have to sign up for a fee, the amount is reasonable. This means as a Muslim you get to interact with fellow prospects by paying a meager sum on a Muslim dating app.

4. Brief Interactions:

Having to spend hours with a prospect, with whom you have lost the first five minutes during the conversation, is taxing. Traditional matchmakers often put you in such uncomfortable situations.

Virtual speed dating eliminates such woes.

Let us say, you are on a Polish dating app. As soon as you meet a prospect, you need to get to the point. If the prospect doesn’t interest you, you move on to the next one promptly.

5. Beat Time Constraints:

Are you blaming your lack of time as the reason for not having a personal life or your dating chances being dead?

If you are still living in that zone, you haven’t been exposed to the world of virtual speed dating apps yet. On these apps, you do not have to spend hours interacting with prospects.

Instead, a specific time is allotted for every interaction and soon you move on to the next one.

Things have become even easier with community-specific virtual speed dating apps. For instance, Germans can simply hop onto a German virtual speed dating app and start dating a fellow German in minutes.

According to Statista, the revenue generated from online dating platforms in the US alone is likely to reach 649m US dollars by 2023.

How to create a dating app?

Considering the many advantages associated with a community-specific virtual speed dating app, there is no surprise that such a platform will have many takers.

To make your initiative a success, you need to focus on quality dating app development.

1. Profile Customization

On a speed dating app, the face of the person you will be interacting with is solely their user profile. Every virtual speed dating app should allow users the freedom of optimizing their profiles.

It would help if users could customize. If it’s done right, it would become easier to reach out to the right prospects and save time and effort.

2. User-friendly interface

Do you know what is going to make users stay longer on your dating app? User-friendliness of course.

Users should be able to easily understand and utilize all the features that your app promises. Additionally, there must be ease of navigation. Take care of your users and they will make your initiative a success.

3. Full-featured chats

The premise of any dating app is healthy interactions, which is no different in the case of virtual speed dating apps.

It is a good idea to float an in-app chat messenger. To make the chatting experience fun, add-on features such as filters, voice notes, and video messaging can be added.

Find your Match on a Virtual Speed Dating App:

For someone, who has wished to find love and tie the knot, especially in one’s own community, community-specific virtual dating apps become a savior.

Sometimes, it is easier to connect better with people in your community, primarily because you have grown up around similar values and belief systems.

No surprise, entities are venturing into developing their business around these lines. Let us assure you, that the scope is tremendous.

Want to build a virtual video speed dating app? If you have a business idea that revolves around virtual speed dating but you are unsure about developing an app that the masses will love, leave that bit to us. We will develop a trendy and engaging virtual speed dating app for you.

To discover more, get in touch with us by calling +1.408.621.8481 or writing to us at team@sdi.la


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