Content marketing tactics for the holiday season to boost your conversion rate

holiday season in eCommerce

The holiday season is a great time to increase your conversion rate and hit the most ambitious business goals. All you need to do is to create high-quality content, which will encourage the visitors to complete a desirable action on your website. If you wonder how to reach this objective successfully, check the following copywriting tactics and useful tips.

Write a holiday gift guide

Modern people like to give the holiday presents to friends and family. However, they find it difficult to come up with the new original gift ideas on their own year by year, so they use Google to get inspiration. For this reason, you should create a guide, which will help a user to get desirable information and to consider your product as a gift option.

Pat Fredshaw, a chief content editor at EssaySupply, states: “Don’t provide a general useless advice. Try to understand the preferences of your target audience and offer something really special. Instead of designing one single holiday gift guide, you should better divide it into the few posts: presents for mother, brother, boyfriend, colleague, neighbor, best friend, etc.”

Moreover, you can create the lists of the presents, which are meaningful, funny, useful, fancy, or heartwarming. Also, you can diversify your content by creating posts on topics like “Gifts you should never give to your boss” or “Double meaning gifts, which will destroy your friendship”. Whatever you are writing about, content should be linked with your products and services one way or another.

Create a holiday tutorial

The holiday season is the best time to treat your target audience with useful free tutorials. Your company can share its knowledge and inspire customers to get new professional experience and to try new products. This content marketing tactic works perfectly for eCommerce businesses, which target the specialists in the niche.

For instance, if you sell stuff for the bakers, you can make a video tutorial on how to decorate the festive cupcakes and cakes using your products. You should provide your potential customers with the brand new ideas, which they will want to implement in real life. For example, if you show how to make an amazing snowman cake with the help of your original white glaze, bakers will buy this glaze to create their own culinary masterpieces.

Keep in mind that your content will help to boost your conversion rate only if it is 100% exclusive. Only worthy information can help you to get great financial results. If you have no time to craft high-quality content on your own, you can check writing services like Men with Pens, FlashEssay or find a freelance editor on Upwork and Fiverr.

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Share memories

The most important function of the holiday season’s posts is to drive the positive emotion and attract attention to your product and company. You should discuss the topics, which will generate only good feelings and evoke the sweet memories from the past holiday celebration.

For example, you can ask your team members to share their festive stories from childhood. You can choose a simple, yet fascinating topic like “How our key employees met Santa Claus for the first time”. Your task is to interview your staff and then combine all their little stories into a big one – such kind of content will make a heart of your target audience melt.

Come up with ideas for hand-made presents

Christopher K. Mercer, a digital marketer and CEO for Citatior, says: “Hand-made gifts are still in trend. Today, many individuals wonder how they can use inexpensive materials to create something unique and valuable for their friends and family. You can help them to find the exclusive ideas for hand-made presents.”

Let your potential customers know how they can use your products to create a little cute gift by themselves. For example, if you manage an online school supply store, you can write about how to create 3D postcard utilizing only colorful paper and glitter glue. And if you sell the organic fruits and veggies, you can showcase how to make a beautiful festive bouquet using strawberries, kiwis, and apples.

Use visuals to get into the holiday spirit

Holiday is all about positive emotions. And you create them with the heart-warming pictures, videos, and infographics. Try to add more visual symbols of the holiday season to your major textual content, and you will attract more potential customers than ever before.

“People adore the festive days and everything connected with them. And when you help a user to get in the holiday mood, the chances that he will make a purchase goes up. In fact, you can triple the results of your blog post by simply putting a photo of the magnificent Christmas tree on a preview,” recommends Jessica Wilson, a marketing specialist at ResumesCentre.

Even more, when visual content on your website evokes only positive emotions, a customer becomes more loyal to your company. This is a psychological trick, which makes users feel good about your products, even if they have never tried them before. If you need the high-resolution images to beautify your content, check Pexel and ShutterStock.

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General tips

  • Start in advance. According to the statistics, more than 80% of Americans buy Christmas gifts till December. So, you shouldn’t wait until the holiday season. You can start posting festive content at least a month before.
  • Publish new holiday-related content regularly. It’s not enough to write one blog post per season. You should create at least one piece of content per week.
  • Make it sounds natural. When you add new content, you should make sure that it doesn’t look too promotional. Your major task is to provide relevant content without placing an intrusive ad.
  • Be honest. Talk to the visitors of your website just like to your best friends. Help them to feel the holidays and enjoy a special season.
  • Add some magic. You should try to create a special mood and help users to get into the holiday spirit. Your content shouldn’t be about business. It should be more about personal things.

In Conclusion

The holiday season makes the buyers more generous, so they ready to spend more money on the gifts and other stuff. If you want to get all the benefits, which holidays bring, you should choose a content marketing tactic, which suits your eCommerce business the most. Try to understand your target audience as good as possible, and you will be able to create content, which will significantly boost your conversion rate.

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