Dark Mode comes to Apple Store app for iOS

Apple on Tuesday updated the Apple Store app for iOS with Dark Mode support, allowing customers to shop for products through a largely black user interface.

The latest version 5.8 of the Apple Store app continues Dark Mode integration across the company’s first-party app offerings. Apple most recently added Dark Mode to the Apple Support app last week.

A standardized display setting available across Apple’s platforms, Dark Mode swaps bright screen elements for darker alternatives in a bid to ease eye strain during nighttime viewing. Not a simple color inversion configuration, the operating mode changes text and other graphical assets from black to white while intelligently retaining color in images.

Apple’s shopping app provides users with a direct online portal to the company’s digital storefront. With customized purchasing recommendations, product information and specifications, repair options, information about Today at Apple sessions and more, the app acts as a one-stop-shop for everything Apple Store.

The usual unnamed bug fixes and performance enhancements are also included in today’s update.

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