After years of Fox’s live-action X-Men movie franchise (RIP) being violently allergic to the idea of letting Marvel’s mutants be seen wearing anything but boring black getups vaguely inspired by Frank Quitely’s New X-Men designs, Deadpool 3 seems ready to switch things up.

Following last week’s surprising announcement that Jennifer Garner has signed on to Deadpool 3 to reprise her role as Greek assassin Elektra Natchios, Ryan Reynolds — who’s currently filming on set — took to his Instagram account today to post a photo of himself and co-star Hugh Jackman in-costume as Deadpool and a very animated-looking Wolverine. Reynolds and Jackman have been teasing how Deadpool 3 — in addition to folding their characters into the MCU — will introduce newer takes on them both, and the photo suggests that “new” in this case is going to involve a throwback to the ’90s X-Men cartoon series that prominently featured Wolverine’s blue and yellow costume.

But all this blatant playing to children of the ’90s begs the question of just who all else Deadpool 3 might end up bringing back — the Fantastic Four movies come to mind — when it hits theaters on May 3rd, 2024.

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