Casinos have always been linked to a sense of glamor, at least the legalized ones have. Las Vegas has a reputation for being gaudy and full of neon, but there are also sumptuous suites and luxury resorts for gamblers to relax in.

Macau, Venice, Monte Carlo. All of these places are linked to high rollers, celebrities, glamor, and big bucks. According to Statista, the gross gaming yield was predicted to be $130 billion in 2019.

Of course, the following year, the pandemic struck. Covid forced many casinos to close, and it heralded a change in the way people played casino games and gambled.

Millions of people switched to online casinos. There has always been an element of mistrust in online casinos from certain players though. What happens if the game goes wrong, how do you get your money back? And, what about traditional casino games, are they foolproof and safe?

Do casino games ever truly go wrong?

There have been some interesting cases where games have not gone the way they were intended.

One example is the famous story of the Pelayo family from Spain. The head of the family, one Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, discovered a flaw in the roulette wheels being used in some casinos. By realizing that the wheel favored some numbers more than others he managed to take the casinos in Spain and Las Vegas for millions.

As games move online though they have become more complex. You may wonder, are classic casino games still the most popular? And, the answer is probably yes, yet many advances are being made in online gambling.

Virtual casinos and virtual games are available. Slot machines become more complex. AI is being used more in online casinos too. As these advances are made, there is always the risk of bugs and glitches occurring.

What could happen if you use the wrong online casino?

To remove the chances of errors occurring, as much as possible, it is crucial to use a regulated casino. This refers to online and in brick-and-mortar establishments.

A reputable casino online will have licensing, and proper customer support so that any problem will be dealt with in the correct manner. Using unregulated casinos can lead to many problems with the games, and with other areas too.

Just as there is the possibility of finding a dodgy dealer in a real casino, there are some unscrupulous operators in the online world too.

For example, bitcoins are not seen as legal tender. Therefore many casinos were able to operate without licensing because they didn’t accept fiat currencies, only crypto. Some of these shut down overnight and just disappeared with customers’ deposits and winnings.

The games on these sites may not be tested thoroughly either. They won’t be regulated or monitored. And therefore, you could encounter errors and glitches.

Do casinos ever refuse to pay out due to errors or other factors?

There are some legitimate reasons for casinos not paying out due to certain factors. Card counting is not against any law, but the casinos really don’t like it. However, other things occur sometimes such as card switching which is illegal. The casinos that catch card switchers quite rightly ban the player and refuse to pay out winnings.

But what about when websites freeze or a glitch happens? One player found out the hard way that apparently some online casino games do go wrong, and when they do, it may be hard to get your winnings paid out.

One Newsweek report from just last year states that BetMGM refused to pay out to one player who claims she won $3 million. Their reason? Because of a game glitch. 

Choose a website with the best customer service and reputation

Regardless of what type of online gaming you are involved in, if it involves financial details, you need it to be secure.

Knowing how to choose the right online gaming platform is vital when looking at casinos. You will be handing over money so you want to know your data, and your cash is secure.

If an online casino game goes wrong, you will need to contact customer service and support. Although the BetMGM story is worrying, if true, it is still a good option to choose a well-known casino with a reputable background.

What is most essential is that they are licensed and regulated. Look for reviews on their customer support, and you will gain an insight into how they treat their players.

Also, use a VPN for added protection while playing online. This won’t stop glitches, but it will keep your data more secure.

What is the safest online casino game to play?

By and large, casino games, whether they be online or on land, are safe to play. There are strict controls in the states, and laws to control how casinos operate.

There could be problems online due to drop-offs, glitches, bugs, internet connection problems, or freezing. However, the games themselves in good casinos should be tested regularly, perhaps every day. 

As far as simplicity, and also having a chance to win, blackjack is by far the best option. The coding behind a blackjack app is highly unlikely to contain bugs as the game itself is so simple.

Online slot machines are getting more complex, and these are the ones that you may see glitches in. But, blackjack isn’t just simple, it also has great odds for the player. The house edge is a fraction of some games such as craps or slots. So all in all, this may be the safest, most error-free game. 


Casino games can go wrong sometimes. Occasionally, it will go in the player’s favor as with the Pelayos and their roulette adventure. More likely it will go against the player with a glitch and a refusal to pay out.

Fortunately, though, these errors are not that common. And despite what many players feel, online casinos aren’t rigged. At least, the reputable and regulated ones aren’t. There is heavy monitoring and auditing of licensed casinos.

Just search for a casino that has great customer service, and then you can feel assured that if there is an error in a game, it will be dealt with correctly.


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