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1.5 update

Just a quick post to let you all know that Drag Camera 2D pro just got updated to version 1.5. The latest update has been added to the unity asset store and has some bug fixes and an updated controller for the player example. This was to fix an issue with users with high refresh rates (60FPS +)

I recently got a new high refresh rate monitor that can handle 165 FPS, before this I was only able to test at max 60 FPS. I, like many other wanted to test out my high fps on some games, which I did and it was amazing. Later, I decedied to get back to working on unity. I tried testing the example for drag camera and was having issues with the player character. Sometimes it just wouldn’t jump. After a while I found out it was due to the high refresh rate and the button down method. This method is only called when the button first goes down. Since I have over 60FPS this would often not be on the same iteration as the render, fixed update or late update. Which meant that the player would not react to user input. This was fixed by adding a flag that was reset once handled.

Whats coming after the 1.5 update?

So far I have no requests for features or ideas on what is needed. So no updates will be coming until I have a request or until I can think of a feature that should be included in the asset. If you have any features, bugs or anything you want to see in the asset, please leave a comment on the unity asset store page. This is checked more often than this site and will get a quicker response.


I would just like to thank everyone who has purchased the pro version, submitted feature requests or left a comment/review.


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