Emmanuel Macron hopes to go right back to work on domestic and foreign policy after gaining another five years in the French presidential palace — but he will soon face vital parliamentary elections in which he may struggle to maintain his majority. The official results of the presidential election will be released by the Constitutional Council, and Macron will hold a Cabinet meeting.

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  • Macron must then choose a date for his inauguration event at the Elysee Palace, which must take place by May 13. He will be honoured by the National Guard and give a speech.
  • Presidents Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac both eschewed the practise of firing 21 cannon shots to mark their reelections in 1988 and 2002, respectively.
  • Macron is the only other modern French president to gain re-election to a second term.
  • Macron announced his plans to travel to Berlin five years ago, following the custom of newly elected French presidents making their first trip abroad to neighbouring Germany to mark the countries’ alliance following many wars.
  • He’ll meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with the goal of ending the conflict in Ukraine at the top of the agenda.
  • Within hours following his triumph, Macron spoke with both Zelenskyy and

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  • Chancellor of Germany: Olaf Scholz
Emmanuel Macron is elected as French President for another term_50.1


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