Four short links: 22 May 2020

  1. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Standard — Possibly the fastest-created government standards. New Zealand’s aiming to have all the contact tracing apps support the actions of the contact tracers, and standards are a part of that.
  2. Why No One Uses Functional LanguagesCompared to users of C, “no one” is a tolerably accurate count of the users of functional languages. 1998 paper by Phil Wadler.
  3. Quantum Computing Lecture Notes 2.0 — Scott Aaronson’s 260-page introductory quantum computing textbook in beta form, covering similar material as many other introductory quantum computing textbooks, but in my style for those who like that.
  4. Deno: A Simple Guide — A nice surface introduction to how Deno differs from Node.js, and the rationale for those differences. A quick read, but it really gives you a sense of Deno. This is great.

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