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Hello everyone,

Ready for a Unity Asset Competition? want to win a copy of the Drag Camera 2D Pro asset?

The unity asset store is a great place for both asset developers and game developers. Game devs get cool assets that can quickly speed up the development of games and aset devs get paid for their work. It’s a win-win situation 🙂

One of the issues we found is the low amount of feedback we get from people who use our assets. We have around 50 people a month download and use our asset and less than 5% leave any feedback. Feedback helps both the asset devs and the game devs. The asset devs get pointers on how to improve their asset to make it better for the game dev and the game dev gets a better product.

We love feedback, it’s what helps us improve our assets and we have taken the advice of users and implemented the features they requested in the past and want to continue to do so. To help get feedback on our assets we have decide to do a competition where all you have to do is try our free drag camera 2D asset and leave an honest review with a suggested new feature.

How to Enter:

  1. Get the Drag Camera 2D Free asset from the asset store(linked below)
  2. Add an honest review and suggest a new feature

How will I be notified when I’ve won?

We will post a reply on your review asking for your contact details, then we will send you the voucher to redeem the Drag Camera 2D Pro asset linked below.

Check out the Drag Camera 2D Asset here


Sharing is caring!


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