“full stack devops” jobs, doesn’t that look like a lot? : webdev

I was researching devops, and I liked the tools used in the process, and I also like anything that involves Linux.

So, I researched in a group on the telegram, and they told me that devops does not work directly with the development of the software, at most you know how things work in order to be able to apply the technologies in the project.

But searching on linkedin, I saw that jobs that asked for things like: React, some back-end framework, and also devops things, such as: aws, docker, k8s, ci / cd, sql + nosql, some also ask for monitoring tools as prometheus.

Wouldn’t that be a lot for one person?

There are also things like Nginx and some security on Linux, like firewall, ping block etc.

So, how do devops developers really work?

And what “devops tools” are essential for a webdev? I noticed that regardless of the type of work, I will need to work on Nginx, aws and also probably something like Docker and CI / CD.

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