Here’s three crystal clear renders of Samsung’s Galaxy S10+

Just yesterday we had two nice clear renders released of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, and now we’ve got three nice clear renders of the top of the line Samsung Galaxy S10+.

You know it’s the week before a Samsung event when just about everything is comprehensively leaked, and one wonders how much of this is genuine leaks, and how much of it is the drip-feed orchestrated by a company seeking to build a bit of hype.

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Whatever it is, we’ve got some gorgeous photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and I think you’ll agree they look pretty good:

Available in Ceramic Black, Ceramic White, and a gorgeous blue/green shade, these represent some bold new colours for Samsung’s premier Galaxy S range.

I don’t think we’re likely to see any better imagery than this, and frankly, I’m not sure we need to. All that’s left to understand now is precisely what Samsung’s put inside, what new features it plans to announce, and most importantly, when Australian customers can get their hands on the new phones.

My money is availability will be less than a couple of weeks behind the global announcement. Just enough time to build a bit more hype before they go on sale.

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