How complicated of a mess am I getting into?


I’m launching a venture that is designed to help students at my university exchange used textbooks for money. It’s an e-bay kind of site, where users can upload books, schedule a time to meet, and then trade.

I want to also develop a reward system along with reviews of members so people can see who is trustworthy.

I’ve developed the entire wireframe of exactly how I want the website to look like, and all of the necessary functions, but I’m not sure if I should hire a web developer or learn web development on my own.

I’m very quick at learning, but I’m not sure if what I’m tackling is going to be bigger than what would take 2 months to learn (I want this done by the end of the summer)

I’ve built a string parsing financial calculator in C++, but that’s been the extent of my coding experience.

Any advice? Could I use for something like this? I know they have extensive plugins, but I’m not familiar with the breadth of the program.

Thank you so much.

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