FaceTime on Apple TV will wirelessly connect the Apple TV to the iPhone or iPad and use the mobile device’s microphone and camera while showing the images on the TV screen. This is possible with tvOS 17. When the device is aired with the Apple TV, users can access their contacts and call log on the TV.

The FaceTime on Apple TV feature will take advantage of the camera potential in iPhone or iPad, as it will support critical capabilities like Center Stage, where the subject is kept in the center of the captured image. If there is more than one person in the shot, the camera will adjust to keep the subjects perfectly framed in the center.

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These FaceTime calls will also support Reactions that show up on the screen. These Reactions are animations that appear onscreen during a call when a person makes a predetermined gesture at the camera and will also be available with iOS 17.

Users also will be able to use SharePlay to watch their favorite shows together during a FaceTime call while everyone stays in sync, bringing a new look to family movie nights. 

When users decide to use the SharePlay feature during a FaceTime call, one or both sides can browse through streaming content on their device without the other side seeing what they’re doing. When the parties collectively settle on something to watch, the person playing the content can choose to SharePlay with everyone on the call. 

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Apple will use the Continuity Camera feature to launch the FaceTime app on the Apple TV. Apple announced the Continuity Camera API would be available for developers to launch their own tvOS apps using the iPhone’s or iPad’s cameras on the Apple TV. Some examples of this include Zoom and Webex, as well as other videoconferencing services.

Apple TV will also provide third-party VPN support for developers, letting them create their own VPN apps for Apple TV.

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