How to add a Disney Plus subscription to a Hulu account

  • You can add Disney Plus and Hulu, as well as ESPN+, into one bundle for only $12.99 a month.
  • These three base-level memberships would cost $17.97 a month if purchased individually, but Disney offers a bundle package that gives you access to all three with one account.
  • If you already have a Disney Plus, Hulu, or ESPN+ account, you can still merge them into the central Disney bundle — you’ll just need to make sure that all your accounts share the same email address.
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With Disney Plus, the premium streaming service that gives you access to nearly a century of animated and live action Disney content, you can be entertained for weeks on end. Hulu and ESPN+, each of which holds thousands of hours of their own shows and movies, are just the cherry on top.

However, subscribing to all three can cost a pretty penny. That’s why Disney now offers a bundle package, which offers Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ for only $12.99 a month.

Here’s how to sign up for the Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle, even if you’ve already signed up for one of those services.

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Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ Bundle Monthly Subscription ($12.99/month at Disney+)

How to add Disney Plus to Hulu and ESPN+

If you don’t already subscribe to any of these platforms, here’s how to sign up for the bundle from scratch:

1. Go to this Disney Plus site and click “Get All Three for $12.99/month.” 

disney and hulu 3

If you log into an existing Disney Plus account beforehand, the process will be streamlined.

William Antonelli/Business Insider

2. You’ll be brought through a series of menus where you can enter your new account’s email, password, and billing information. 

Disney and Hulu 2

You can create a Disney Plus account through the app, but you need to use an internet browser to get the bundle.

Steven John/Business Insider

Once you’ve filled it all out, you’ll be signed up for all three services. You’ll be able to sign into any of these accounts with the same email and password.

If you already have a Disney Plus, Hulu, or ESPN+ account, simply make sure that your Hulu and ESPN+ accounts share an email with your Disney Plus account when you go through the steps above. If they do, when you sign up for the bundle, all your accounts will be linked.

You can change the email of your accounts by logging into that respective streaming service and heading to your account settings page.


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