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If you want
to create a free new blog on blogger.com and want to get good earning by work from
home then you come on the right portal Success PoinT. In this article, we know
that how to create a free blog or website on Blogger.com and how to
get good earning from blog
. So follow these simple steps and create your free
blog in 2021- by this method you create a free blog by laptop/mobile and Pc.

Let’s start-


First of all
we start any browser like- Google Chrome/ Firefox/Opera…

How to create a free blog Success PoinT


Type “blogger.com” on search/ URL bar or click on this
link https://www.blogger.com  and then press Enter.

After click
you reach on this page –

 Click on the first link Blogger.com as you can
see in the red box.

After do
this you reach on blogger.com official website-

As you can
see you are on blogger.com website

Click on the
CREATE YOUR BLOG (you can see in the red box).

 You are on Success PoinT  https://asuccesspoints.blogspot.com

Type your
Gmail Id and click on the next button.

As you can
see in red box Type your Gmail Id password and then click on the next button. After
click, you reach on blogger page-

As you see
you are on the blogger page. Type your Blog/website Title like Success PoinT. Click
on next button-

Type your new
blog address like asuccesspoints.blogspot.com. If your blog address is not available
try a different address like asuccesspoints123 .When you find a valid address
then click on the next button.

You read
this article on https://asuccesspoints.blogspot.com . Stay connected with us to know
more about tech/lyrics song/Biography/secret fact etc.


After clicking
on the next button, you reach on this page.

Type your
blogger profile name/display name as you can see in the red box. You can type
here your name or your website name.

 Then click Finish.

Cretae free website within 5 minuts

As you can
see your new free blog is ready. So finally we create a new free website in
very simple steps. You read how to create a free blog in few steps within 5 minutes.

create a free blog successfully 2020-21


As you can
see now, your blog post page is empty but now you start content writing on your
blog and get good earning from your website.

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