How to Sell on Instagram With Powerful Engagement?

Instagram Engagement

Can you sell on Instagram? The short answer is, yes. In fact, selling on Instagram should be an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It also wouldn’t be farfetched to say that a modern business may not survive its competition if their brand is not available via Instagram.

Both big and small businesses are using Instagram.

We now live in a world that is image-driven, which includes video material too. Simply put – everyone is online these days, so it makes sense for a brand to be seen as an important contender on Instagram which is one of the most popular social media platforms and has a massive social media following.

In fact, Instagram has become so popular that it’s quickly catching up to Facebook, the world’s biggest social media giant. To get your business selling on Instagram, it’s vital that you enroll in a social media course with an accredited course provider to get to grips with the social media site that’s growing second by second.

Instagram Explained

Millions of people worldwide are using Instagram and its user numbers continue to skyrocket.  This social media platform is a square image-based and video platform, to be exact and is a brilliant way to get your photographic or video digital marketing message across visually.

Instagram media has become the most popular way to interact online to create, share and exchange information and ideas and more importantly to sell.  Successful Instagram engagement is an essential digital selling tool and must be part of any marketing strategy.

Don’t Forget to Add Content to Instagram Stories

Did you know that one in five stories receives posted on Instagram receive a direct message from their audience? Now that is a powerful engagement.  With a staggering amount of 500 million people using Instagram stories every day, the opportunities for your business are endless.Since Instagram stories were launched in 2016, this platform has become a very popular part of social media marketing.

There are only two ways of adding your content to Instagram stories, which are via your profile page and the second way is by navigating to your main feed and clicking on the camera icon.

Here are a few tips for creating great Instagram stories:

  • Keep it short – If you want your Instagram stories to be a success and convert a viewer you must remember to keep your Instagram stories short.  Do include a strategic headline though to give some context to your story.
  • Keep text to a minimum –Avoid cramming your Instagram story with too much text or subtitles which can quite easily ruin great content.
  • Don’t come across over selling – In order to sell on Instagram, do not include excessive promotional text. Your story should be entertaining, and any selling points should be subtle.

What are Social Influencers and Why are They So Popular on Instagram?

Instagram is famous for its many social influencers.  Instagram social influencers are people who are extremely active on Instagram and would have gained a massive following – and with any online selling directive and digital marketing, it’s always about the numbers.

Instagram influencers are a great, often less expensive, way to boost your brand and create solid engagement with your product or service. With a well-respected, perhaps even famous brand ambassador on Instagram your sales figures are sure to increase.

Instagram influencers are required to put in a lot of hard work and to constantly create top quality and inspiring content to reach. The use of Instagram influencers are used to help your brand sell on Instagram and are proving extremely effective.

Tips and Techniques to Help You Sell on Instagram

Nowadays, images and videos can sell much more than mere words. Creating a visual portfolio on Instagram is a great place to increase sales. However, you have to ensure that you market your business right on Instagram.

Here are a few tips to get this right.

  • Concentrate on captions – Write captions that attract and sell. Keep them short and interesting.  A captivating caption will show off your brand well.
  • Promote using product images – Taking the perfect shot of your products is a great way to sell on Instagram. People are attracted to visually appealing images and product shots are popular on Instagram.
  • New post alerts – There are so many brands to follow on Instagram and feeds are a busy place. Use Instagram stories to alert users to a new post.

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