I will be attending the OrigamiUSA Convention 2016

At the end of 2015, Regional Arts and Culture Council awarded me funds to help me attend the OrigamiUSA Convention in New York in June 2016! After 9 years of teaching at Childpeace Montessori and Willowbrook, 100+ library classes, numerous visits to teach at elderly care facilities, correctional facilities and community events, it was a big milestone for me. For many years I’ve wanted to attend this big annual convention, but it was expensive to travel all the way to New York from Portland to attend it so I never made it there. I am so happy and grateful that RACC is giving me financial support to make this trip come true!

This will be my first time to visit New York (or anywhere else in the east coast) and to attend the OUSA Convention so there are a lot of unknowns, and just a thought of being in such a big city intimidates me. But I am determined to make this trip full of learning, inspirations and fun! I already signed up not only to attend the convention but also to volunteer as an interpreter and teach my hummingbird model. Here is what the model looks like:

The hummingbird model as a Christmas ornament

Hummingbird and
sweet pea model (designed by John Blackman)

Hummingbird and flowers (designed by me)

Hummingbird and traditional lily

Are you attending the Convention too? Please drop a line to let me know if you are!

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