In July, we announced the
launch of our Data Lake
, which empowers users to uncover
business insights more quickly by exploring, accessing and
coalescing our data, their data and third-party data on a single,
cloud-based platform. Today, we are building on our core mission of
enabling analytics at scale by empowering business intelligence
(BI) and other data query tools. The enhancements open up the Data
Lake to analytics specialists, allowing them to easily pull data
into their BI tools, further supporting the self-service model so
valued by clients, and the generation of data-driven insights.

The BI and analytics capabilities are powered by our new SQL
interface. It enables connectivity to structured datasets within
the Data Lake via any SQL ODBC/JDBC client and provides seamless
integration with BI tools, such as Tableau and PowerBI, and data
analysis tools, such as Excel. The distributed compute query
architecture has been designed to run heavy, interactive,
analytical queries on the cloud and easily execute queries at
high-speed, irrespective of the volume, velocity and variety of

“This latest enhancement to our Data Lake provides a new, rich
data source for analytical tools,” said Nehal Kenia, head of
product for the Data Lake at IHS Markit. “As our clients across all
industries – from energy and natural resources to financial
services and automotive – increasingly embark on digital
transformation projects, we are empowering analytics teams to
quickly and easily pull datasets from our Data Lake to support
data-driven insights.”

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Posted 28 October 2020 by Nehal Kenia, Managing Director, Data Lake Product Management, IHS Markit


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