iPhone trick lets you set a timer directly from the home screen

Whether it’s while you’re cooking, or during an intense workout, there are often times when you need to quickly set a timer.

While this usually requires you to unlock your phone, go into the Clock app and manually set a timer, eagle-eyed iPhone users have discovered a sneaky trick that makes it much simpler.

The trick has been widely shared on TikTok, and allows iPhone users to set a timer directly from the home screen.

TikTok account @best.netflixmoviess shared a tutorial, writing: “How to set the timer easily from the home screen.”

To quickly set a timer on your iPhone, simply open the control panel by swiping down from the top left corner of the screen.

Hands on an iPhone

Tap and hold the clock button in the bottom row of the screen.

A column will appear on your screen. Swipe your finger up and down to set the duration of the timer, ranging from one minute to two hours.

When you’re happy with the duration, tap Start, and the timer will begin!

iPhone trick lets you set a timer directly from the home screen

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iPhone tricks, tips and hacks

The revelation comes shortly after a fun iPhone trick was unveiled that lets you send a laser show to your friends with two simple words.

The trick simply involves typing the words ‘pew pew’ on iMessage to friends who also have an iPhone.

When your friend then opens the message, a laser show will appear on their screen and their iPhone will vibrate.

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