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Corner Office has just dropped a new trailer and I feel like it will be playing behind my eyeballs for at least three hours. Is this headline weird? Is it, perhaps, a little bit of nonsense? Honestly good. This trailer gave me whiplash. Please watch and if you feel the need to scream, please think about the floor.

Corner Office (2023) Official Trailer – Jon Hamm, Danny Pudi, Sarah Gadon

This trailer is so good I had to pace my apartment for three minutes before I could form a coherent sentence. Everything about this production—the design, the costumes, the makeup, the pacing, the color, the weirdness, it all works. It’s deeply in debt to Severance, making use of bleak post-office capitalism and creating an environment of fear. The new horror stories are where the house isn’t haunted, but the office is.

Jon Hamm stars as Orson, a man who finds a strange room in the office building where he works that allows him to mess with reality. Danny Pudi is Rakesh, his desk neighbor who is a little bit strange. Christopher Heyerdahl is his boss, Andrew, and Sarah Gadon is the receptionst. It’s incredibly good, and while this character might be a bit old hat for Hamm (who can forget Don Draper?) he clearly commands the role.

Corner Office will premiere August 4.

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