Meta is looking to flood the market with its mixed-reality and AR glasses by 2024 according to a source of The Information. The company is said to plan the Quest Pro with the codename ‘Project Cambria’ this year – along with three more mixed-reality glasses within the next two years.


  • Meta’s first premium mixed-reality headset is launching this year.
  • The Quest Pro is said to cost over $800 and feature full-color passthrough lenses.
  • Presumably, Meta is planning three more MR headsets until 2024.

Yes, Project Cambria has been in the talks for some time now, Meta’s high-end AR/VR headset. Presumably launching as the Quest Pro, the next Meta headset will be dubbed as the ‘Chromebook for your face’ because it is said to feature Android OS and may heavily rely on an online and streaming experience rather than on running local apps.

Meta Quest Pro could feature full-color passthrough lenses

In terms of specifications, the mixed-reality device is said to have a high-resolution display with 2160×2160 pixels for each eye. And unlike the current closed-display VR headsets in the market, the Quest Pro will boast full-color passthrough lenses. It means it will be able to overlay augmented content to your surroundings similar to the rumored holographic-based AR glasses of Meta.

Meta does not expect the first wave of its smart glasses to become mainstream devices due to the high cost of materials. As for the price, the source says that the Meta Quest Pro is launching at $800. Meta has already mentioned though that they will help subsidize the costs to early adopters and developers – so in the end, we can expect the final retail price to range well in the four-digit area.

The direct successor to the Quest 2 on the other side will be launched in 2023 and is using the codename ‘Stinson’. There are not many details revealed about this 3rd generation Oculus headset. On the other hand, another premium device, ‘Funston’, is also rumored to arrive in 2024 together with a more affordable device under the project name ‘Cardiff’.

Simulated Apple View Glass Box
Apple is said to also be working on some AR/VR glasses. / © Mr.Mikla/

Apple is preparing to release its first AR glasses, mixed-reality headsets

Meta is not the only company that is seriously betting on the AR/VR market. Apple is known to be working on a pair of AR smart glasses as well as on a mixed reality headset that will be launched sometime in 2022 based on established tech pundits. However, the identity of those products is still pretty obscure making the rumored 2022 launch date questionable.

The design of AR glasses makes them more suitable to use in different environments compared to bulky smart headsets. But are you willing to wear these gadgets in the public once they’re available?


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