Import mojo  
 ' This is our enemy class  
 Class enemy  
      Field px:Int,py:Int  
      Method New(x:Int,y:Int)  
           Self.px = x  
  = y  
      End Method  
      Method move(x:Int,y:Int)  
           px += x  
           py += y  
      End Method  
 End Class  
 Class MyGame Extends App  
      ' How many enemies are there  
      Field numenemies:Int=10  
      ' Set up the array using the enemy class  
      Field myenemy:enemy[]  
   Method OnCreate()  
        ' Create the enemies in the array  
        myenemy = New enemy[numenemies]  
        For Local i:Int=0 Until numenemies  
             myenemy[i] = New enemy(Rnd(DeviceWidth()),Rnd(DeviceHeight))  
   End Method  
   Method OnUpdate()   
   End Method  
   Method OnRender()  
     Cls 0,0,0       
     SetColor 255,255,255  
     ' Loop through all array containers (numenemies)  
     ' and draw them.  
     For Local i:=Eachin myenemy  
          DrawRect i.px,,32,32  
     ' We can acces arrays directly and call/modify anything inside it.  
     If myenemy[0].px > DeviceWidth Then myenemy[0].px = -10  
   End Method  
 End Class  
 Function Main()  
   New MyGame()  
 End Function  


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