New to Unity and I’ve now completed several of their basic tutorials (2D Ruby’s Adventure and Create with Code) and am having trouble seeing the “forest through the trees” on my first toy project.

I would like to have a 3D game (very simple) but with a 2D opening credit and main menu presentation. I created my project with the 3D URP template which creates a sample scene for you.

First off my assumption is that a real game would consist of many, many scenes, all decomposed logically based on what makes sense for the game. For instance if your game consists of multiple dungeons, I assume you would have a different scene object/graph for each individual dungeon, etc. If this is not the case, please begin by correcting me on the “best practices” or rules/protocols to follow for determining the number of scenes in a game!

Assuming I’m more or less correct here, I think I want:

  • a 2D scene that plays as soon as the game starts up; this will display an opening credit for a few seconds (maybe with a splash screen/logo) and then present the player with the main menu; and then
  • once the player selects “Start” off the 2D main menu, the game switches over to the 3D scene/graph that handles the game world at the start of a new game

So I’m trying to figure out how to add a 2D scene object and then “prioritize” it so that it “runs” first when the game starts (I am a full-time software developer so if this has to be done programmatically, all the better!). I click the ellipses on the Hierarchy window next to this 3D sample scene that was auto generated for me, and I select Add New Scene and a new scene is added.

I toggle the 2D button in the Scene Editor.

I believe I am now all set to start adding visual elements, including a GUI.Label for the text I wish to display in my opening credits (prior to the main menu displaying).

My question: how do I orchestrate/prioritize scenes so that I can run this 2D opening credit scene when the game starts and the “switch over” to the 3D “new game scene” when I want to, after the user has made a menu selection off the main menu?


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