Pros and Cons of Having SEO for White Label Services

SEO Pros and Cons of Having SEO for White Label Services SEO


White labeling is different from outsourcing. While outsourcing is every so often white labeled, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably. White label is a legitimate protocol that allows products to be rebranded under another company’s name other than the one that made them. In simpler words, white label is when one product is being made by a company but sold under another’s name.

What is White Label SEO Services?

White Label SEO Services (also known as SEO Reseller Program) is when an agency resorts to other marketing and development agencies that have SEO resources and experts to provide them with the finest SEO services. Without having to hire a team of experts on SEO, hiring a white label SEO agency will allow you to serve the best SEO services to your clients as your own; you will be able to gather more clients quickly and easily.

The concept is to create a product or do a service without branding; it’s basically like sticking an empty label on it and selling it to another company to brand the service as their own. White label SEO services can provide you with many services like content Marketing or expert copywriters, Web Designing and Optimization, Social Media Management, or Keyword Tracking.

Pros of Having White Label SEO Services

Choosing the right white label SEO services is the main factor to the success and for pros to overshadow the cons. Naturally, the concept of ‘white labeling’ wouldn’t have been presented if it doesn’t draw some benefits for both participating parties, so what are the pros for selling your effort to another company without even your signature or a hint of your name?

Pros for SEO Providers

  1. Nowadays it’s not easy to grow your business or get more clients in our current exceedingly competitive world. Providing SEO services will guarantee business growth and new clients without exhausting your resources as the SEO resellers take care of acquiring new clients.
  2. Increasing your business size without bothering with business development methods.
  3. The increase in business size will inevitably lead to an increased revenue, which is not an easy task in the present economic downturn. Most companies are facing deterioration in revenue in the current state, having SEO reseller makes the job easier to increase revenue without much effort exerted.
google-analytics Pros and Cons of Having SEO for White Label Services SEO


Pros for SEO Resellers

  1. Widening the horizon of services offered to their clients, as some of the companies don’t have the capabilities to offer SEO services for their clients. And with the increased demand for SEO services, it has become of the most important services to be offered.
  2. The consequences of the failure to provide SEO services to the client might lead to losing current clients or missing out great chances to gain new clients; Thus, SEO reselling will help in increasing the client base by saving current clients and any future opportunities that might represent themselves.
  3. Without having to hire SEO expertise or increasing resources, SEO reselling will help in increasing the profit without going through the hassle of hiring new people or paying them.
  4. Saving unnecessary time, effort and money, as you will have more time to focus on your business without any side distractions. SEO reselling provides you with more freedom and flexibility which will enhance your brand successfully.

Cons of White Labelling

  1. Some companies use white labeling as a way to upcharge the product and if the client discovered that, it might jeopardize their credibility. A large division might happen in customer relationships if the product is discovered to be at much lower price than that one presented.
  2. It can be pricey sometimes to hire a white label SEO company; however, many vendors are competing to offer the lowest price especially the vendors based in India and the Philippines. The competitive market has nearly burnt down the prices. But, many companies provide a very pricey service as they topped up their game when it comes to offering advanced quality services, stronger link building tools, and private label SEO dashboards.
  3. The product success is usually associated with the seller’s brand which might be a bit hard to not put your name or signature on your hard work.

White Label SEO Packages

Other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the optimization of a website to rank higher when related search terms are used in a search engine to increase the traffic. White label SEO services offer a lot more high-quality services.

  1. Content marketing: Creating content as per the SEO standards to boost up your web page rankings.
  2. Link Building (High Metric Link Prospecting services): the tactics to achieve the ranking without any citation flow, and with high-quality unique backlinks.
  3. Advanced Web Analytics: the on-page analysis of a website is made easier by the SEO reseller who provide with free on-page analysis to give a boost to the client site rank in the search engines. The SEO provider should audit the website and provide a clear report that has comprehensive performance analysis, and a summary of SEO issues. Leaving the decision on whether to act upon them and fix them up to the reseller.
  4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing like Google AdWords: Commonly known as pay-per-click, where a publisher is paid every time they promote a website and it’s clicked. Relevant search terms are taken into consideration.

Do the pros of this ‘ghost service’ overshadow the cons?

With the right mindset, and the right white label SEO company, the cons can definitely be disregarded. There are many factors contributing to choosing the right company, but the main important one is choosing the right agency that will provide you with the services you are missing and according to your brand size, budget, and targeted audience. It’s also important to check the feedback from previous clients and to do your full research on the right company for you. Constructing a strong, lasting relationship with your SEO provider is the ultimate important factor, so you can work together to upscale your agency.

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