Read HTML From Text File Using PHP (May 2020)

Last Updated : Feb 17, 2020

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In this tutorial we will show you how to read HTML content from a text file using PHP.In this
we read a text file which is present in our folder and have HTML contents by using this method it will also display inline
styling.You may also like read xml file using PHP.

Sample Text File

This is used by our PHP file to read HTML content

SureshPHP Developer
PoojaWeb Designer
AmitHTML Developer
RamData Analyst

In this step we create a text file and write some HTML content for reading.You can also add
inline styling to your HTML code to display content in style.You may also like read and write csv file using PHP.

In this step we use PHP fopen function to open our ‘content.txt’ file in read mode and then
use fread() function to display file content.You may also like read and delete file from folder using PHP.

That’s all, this is how to read HTML content from text file using PHP .You can customize this
code further as per your requirement. And please feel free to give comments on this tutorial.

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