Rust of Linseed or Linum (Rust of flax)

Class  Basidiomycetes 
Sub-Class  Teliomycetidae
Order Uridenales
Family Melamsporaceae
Pathogen Melampsora lini

The disease have been reported from about 12 species of Linum.

Rust of linseed, Rust of flax, Rust of linum
Linseed Rust 

Symptoms of rust of linseed 

  1. The disease appears as bright orange pastules of Uridia of leaf stem and flower part.
  2. Telia formed mostely on the stem and are reddish brown in colour.
  3. The soil are covered by Epidermis and appear like a crust.
Rust of linseed, Rust of flax, Rust of linum
Rust of Linum

Rust of linseed causal organism

  1. Melampsora lini
  2. The disease is autoscious or long cycled rust producing sporangia aceredia, uredia and Telia on the line lower side of leaves.
  3. The acia are of orange yellow colour and are abundant on the lower side of leaves.
  4. Telidiospores are subepidermal, cylindrical one, called sessile and reddish brown in colour with measurements of 46 to 80 micro × 8 to 10 micro and are closely packed in a layer.

Disease Cycle of rust of linseed 

The primary infection is caused by Uridiospores and teliospores. It is also presumed that Uridiospores may also survive in some wild lini seed plant like Linum mysorens.

Rust of linseed, Rust of flax, Rust of linum
Disease cycle of Rust of Linseed 

Rust of linseed control 

  1. Sanitation of disesase crop debris
  2. Distraction of cultration host 
  3. Use of resistance variety.


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