The Lovelace Biomedical Podcast: Preclinical Research, Pharmaceutical Industry Conversations, Inside Drug Development, and More

The question likely isn’t, “do you listen to podcasts?” The better question is probably, “which podcasts do you listen to?”  In today’s world of digital streaming of entertainment and media, podcasts are all the rage. From small-time individuals and organizations, or larger media outlets, to the king of all podcasters, celebrity comedian Joe Rogan pushing news and information out there for audio streaming consumption, podcasting is everywhere. No matter what the topic or interest, you can, and will find a podcast related to what you’re into. And so, Lovelace Biomedical is joining in on the trend. 

We’ve got a lot to talk about. Lovelace Biomedical, being a contract research organization (CRO), which specializes in a multi-disciplinary set of preclinical research, we have our hand in plenty of insider knowledge and perspective within the pharmaceutical, drug-development industry. What’s better than listening to the subject matter experts having casual, entertaining conversations about important and exciting science on your daily commute to work? Perhaps, while you’re in the office, quietly working on – whatever you’re working on. Or, maybe while you’re at the gym, AirPods in, and getting a sweat going on the stationary bike. So, it’s a no-brainer that podcasting is a hot trend in any industry to talk about what’s going on in their world, and relay that information to their audience(s). 

Of course, if that piques your interest, we want you – our industry friends and colleagues to have a listen to our podcast! We will be conversing with topics on:

  • Drug development
  • Industry news and current events
  • Infectious diseases
  • Neuroscience
  • Lung delivery
  • Safety pharmacology
  • Gene Therapy
  • And more

What podcast is complete without having a few guests, colleagues, collaborators, and fellow friends on to talk about the subject of the day as well? Follow our socials, visit our website, and stay tuned for episodes of the Lovelace Biomedical Podcast.

Eric Lopez

Marketing Specialist 

Eric handles all marketing activities for Lovelace and has a background in broadcast journalism and mass communications. A New Mexico native who loves pumping iron and golf, and will never turn down a breakfast burrito with red or green chile.

Eric Lopez


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