Quick, pause for a second, think about what you are truly thankful for. Family likely tops the list. Perhaps next is good health, or dear friends. Whatever it is that brings joy to your life, use this time to pause and truly feel grateful. We are feeling particularly thankful for teachers this year. Why, you ask? Read on to find out!

At American Board, we devote our days to streamlining the teacher certification process. We believe that local folks with professional experience have something special to offer their local schools. From real-world experience and subject matter expertise to a sense of community, American Board’s teacher graduates play a crucial role in the success of their local schools. Nearly 15,000 teachers across the country (and some international!) have launched their teaching careers using American Board’s program. Because these educators have developed such a strong reputation, we are able to continue serving future teachers. For this reason and for the incredible impact they make in local schools, we are thankful for our teachers!

Top Reasons To Thank A Teacher

Community. Of course, ensuring that students learn is the number one role of a teacher. But teachers do so much more than conduct classroom lessons. Teachers are members of our community. Teachers serve as coaches and counselors for our young ones. Look around at your school’s next big sporting event, there is a good chance teachers will be there cheering on their students. Teachers know their students’ birthdays and siblings and individual needs. In short, great teachers make schools feel like an extension of home.

Because American Board’s teacher alumni are already locals in the neighborhoods where they teach, they infuse their schools with a strong sense of community.

Love of Learning. As we mentioned above, ensuring student learning must be a teacher’s priority. But great teachers make learning fun and engaging. Teachers provide inspiration and motivation and show students what they are truly capable of.

Because American Board’s teacher alumni are career changers, most have long dreamed of a teaching career. The decision to teach wasn’t made when they were 18 years old. Instead, they used their maturity to realize their calling. This results in these teachers having a real passion for the profession, making it easier for them to excite their students.

True Support. If you know any teachers, you know how far they will go to ensure their students have what they need to succeed. Ask around at your local school, chances are teachers have organized a food pantry for their students. Or perhaps they run an annual coat drive. Or maybe it is the fact that great teachers spend their resources on class supplies and decorations to engage students. At the end of the day, your local teachers will do everything possible to make sure students thrive. For this, we can never truly repay them or say ‘thank you’ enough.

Because American Board’s teacher alumni pursue the profession later in life, they have a true understanding of what kids need to succeed. They often have children of their own, and therefore better understand the intricate workings of young minds.

Interested in even more reasons to thank a teacher? Check out this blog post.

Be Thankful for Your Career: Become A Teacher

To be clear, teaching isn’t a one-sided profession. Just as we are immensely thankful for teachers, great teachers are thankful for their jobs. Teaching is a stable profession that allows people to make a positive impact in their hometowns each day. You can check out this blog post to learn more about why teaching is a career to be thankful for. Additionally, you can hear directly from American Board’s teacher alumni by visiting our YouTube page, which has dozens of videos including program reviews.

Lastly, you should visit American Board’s website to learn if becoming a teacher is the right move for you.


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