The Galaxy S22 Ultra has done something many Samsung fans have wanted for a long time — combine the S and Note series into one true flagship. Like the Ultras and Notes before it, the S22 Ultra is a massive metal and glass sandwich, so you’ll want to take good care of it. One sure way of keeping a phone like this safe is putting it in a solid case, and we’ve rounded up some of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases available right now. As always, we’ll be updating this post with more cases as we try them.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is large enough even without a case on it, so a slim case with a good grip is ideal for those of us who need to keep this flagship to a reasonable size. The Caseology Nano Pop was the case that perfectly protected my S21 over the last year, and its quality rises again for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, giving us the solution to a design choice many Ultra users have despised. Last year’s S21 Ultra had a huge camera module, but at least it was one rectangular slab that was easy to keep clean, as opposed to the dust-attracting demon that is the S22 Ultra’s standalone lenses design. Caseology knows you deserve better, so the Nano Pop once more gives us the look and feel of a proper camera module with its boldly accented camera cover. Even the navy/yellow color scheme matches a whole host of sports teams from the Superbowl-winning Rams to the Wolverines and beyond, and Caseology added a “Burgundy Bean” that looks like it belongs in a wine bar or coffee shop a few weeks after the S22 Ultra’s launch.

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Caseology Nano Pop for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Urban Armor Gear usually tends to look more tactical and macho than most, even among the heavy-duty market they thrive in, but UAG dipped its toe in the more modern, minimal design pool with the Lucent Series and the Civilian Series. Even with its more understated profile, the UAG Civilian Series can still take a hit in stride thanks to its honeycomb pattern on the case’s lining. The Black and Olive Green — it’s more of an army green, not that baby-food “Olive” the S21 FE got — get bright orange accents around the bottom corners and the top edge of the screen, but the Mallard Blue looks more dignified. That unique shade of cerulean with just the barest hints of teal would’ve been awkward with orange, so instead, it gets dark gray, giving it a more debonair design in the same compactly durable shell.

$50 is a bit much for this case, but if you’re really looking for a “ready for whatever life throws at you” case, the UAG Civilian is drop tested to $20 feet, and it nails its details perfectly.

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UAG Civilian Series for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Ultra is synonymous with premium luxury, and no case feels more luxurious than leather. While the rest of the accessory makers opt for cases that only cover the back in leather — not the sides — Samsung’s Leather Cover covers everything in leather except for the buttons, which get metallic color-matched covers that match the rings around the Ultra’s cameras. If you’re not a huge fan of the lack of cohesive camera bump on the S22 Ultra, this case covers that inconsistency and should keep them from gathering as much dust. The color options for the Ultra vary from the S22 and S22+: rather than the deep Forest Green, we get Burgundy. While a shade of brown might’ve looked more natural, the Burgundy itself looks quite a deep wine red that many will find alluring. The Light Gray’s brightness stands out from the pack, which might make it the best option of the three colorways.

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Samsung Leather Cover for Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you want a heavy-duty case that isn’t quite as extreme as the Poetic Spartan, OtterBox’s Commuter Series gives your Galaxy S22 Ultra impact resistance, grip, and port protection in a slightly slimmer package. The dust flap keeps your USB-C port covered so that it doesn’t get any debris in it during whatever dirty work you get up to, and since the case is slim enough to easily support wireless charging, you can keep that flap closed as often as possible. The cutouts on the back of the hard outer shell let the inner TPU layer add grip so that the case won’t slide around — or off — smooth surfaces and add grip in the hand.

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OtterBox Commuter Series for Galaxy S22 Ultra

When you carry a phone as large as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you might as well ditch your wallet and combine everything into one dapper, easy-to-carry package. Snakehive’s leather wallets feel even more luxurious in hand than some of Samsung’s leather covers. The magnetic clasp is thankfully positioned below the buttons so as not to interfere with them, keeping the folio closed when not in use. Inside sit three card slots and a cash flap. I recommend keeping the carried cash or receipts to a minimum to avoid the folio getting too fat to sit flat against your S22 Ultra’s screen, but the magnetic clasp should still be able to hold it fast.

The leather cover of this folio comes in six different hues, from the classic Brown to a quite dapper Black, verdant Bottle Green, and even a darling Teal, which is the only colorway to come with a grey leather lining rather than yellow. The wallet might feel a little stiff at first, but it breaks in beautifully, and it will age uniquely as the months wear on, turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece. The inner TPU shell also ensures that the S22 Ultra is held fast while absorbing some impact from smaller drops, keeping your Galaxy safe in this concrete jungle of a world.

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Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Galaxy S22 Ultra

While Spigen’s single-layers cases are legion, year after year the Spigen Rugged Armor reigns supreme. The case’s grippy texture makes drops less likely and offers air cushion impact protection when you inevitably drop it all the same. The only criticism I can give this case is that it only comes in black. I know — that’s hardly a reason not to buy it. But I like colorful phones and phone cases, and everything else about this product is so good, it’s really a minor nitpick at best.

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Spigen Rugged Armor for Galaxy S22 Ultra

With a screen as big as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, kickstand cases are invaluable, letting you save your wrist and your neck by propping your phone up when you need a break. ESR’s clear case — it also comes in a well-textured black, but the clear lets your S22 Ultra’s colors shine through — offers a compact kickstand for half the price of Samsung’s bulkier Standing covers.

This kickstand is listed as being useable in both portrait and landscape, but in portrait mode, I recommend going easy on the taps as the kickstand balances on three points rather than four the way it does in landscape mode. The kickstand is also nice and firm so long as you don’t overextend the hinge, wearing out the hinge’s tension.

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ESR Metal Kickstand for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Heavy-duty kickstand cases are among the most competitive case segments on the market, especially for phones as big as the S22 Ultra. You want one that features a wide kickstand that works when your phone is vertical or horizontal so that you can use it for video calls and scrolling through your Reddit feeds, not just when watching YouTube in the break room. While Supcase, CaseBorne, Youmaker, VRS Design, and many, many others offer kickstands in this style, the Poetic Spartan takes the edge with its more refined appearance. Pleather accent panels add definition and grip, and the Spartan’s colors are more subdued and refined than the brighter, almost neon colors of its competitors. The built-in screen protector here is a “good news, bad news” situation. The good news: it will adequately cover your screen and can work with the fingerprint sensor if applied properly and then fingerprint re-enrolled. The bad news: the build-in screen protector does not play well with the S Pen, and it leaves a circular “bubble” where the extra adhesive creates a full seal between the screen protector and the glass over the fingerprint sensor. Poetic has begun including a spare front frame without a screen protector so that you can choose if you want to use it or not, so at least you get the choice without having to just rip the film out yourself.

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Poetic Spartan for Galaxy S22 Ultra

If ESR’s kickstand isn’t quite to your liking — or if you just want a case that does even more — VRS Design has a wallet case that also has an impressively sturdy kickstand that works in both portrait and landscape mode. The steel-accented card slide can take a beating so that your cards never fall out in a time of need — or get trapped inside the case when you need to pay the tab. The Damda Glide holds up to 4 cards with ease and comes in two finishes of black: regular and metallic.

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VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid for Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s size, weight, and curved screen combine into a triple threat: it’s harder to hold securely, drops have more force behind them, and the screen is more prone to shattering due to that extra force. It all adds up to impact protection being priority one for Galaxy S22 Ultra case buyers. Now, impact protection doesn’t mean you have to go big and butch with cases like the Poetic Spartan. The UAG Civilian and OtterBox Commuter Series are what I like to call medium-duty: they’re thinner than heavy-duty while still having the same durability (or almost the same).

The Poetic Spartan includes a built-in screen protector, but it leaves a visible circle where it’s extra-adhered over the fingerprint sensor that can prove distracting to some. Instead, I recommend using a dedicated Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector for better protection and aesthetics. The Spartan and the VRS Design Damda Glide Hybris both offer those sturdy kickstands on top of that durability helping justify the extra thickness, so you can’t really go wrong either way.

On the lighter side of the Galaxy S22 Ultra case line-up, the Caseology Nano Pop gets extra points for giving us the singular camera module that Samsung refused to. Caseology also has an Evo Green version in the works, and I cannot wait to see how great that looks once it arrives.

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