The audio experts at EPOS have proven time and time again that they make some of the best headsets for both work and play.

Having once been partnered with Sennheiser, EPOS has more than proved its expertise with top-notch specialised gaming headsets.

Last year they released a well-balanced all round, yet more affordable headset with the EPOS H3.

However, it looks like they weren’t finished with this already impressive headset as they have tinkered further to create a wireless version with the EPOS H3 Hybrid and now their latest edition The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid.

The Pro donates the improved quality and addition of Noise Cancelling and the Hybrid refers to its wired and wireless functionality.

The H3Pro Hybrid looks great and has no garish colours, lighting or logos plastered all over it.



The H3 Pro Hybrid looks almost identical to its previous iterations. The headset while still carrying the obligatory chunkiness, it doesn’t feel bulky or too large.

The earcups and the headband are matte black and the H3 has very little distracting branding and logos, keeping a smart yet attractive in a low key kind of way.

Built of plastic and metal the H3Pro looks great but also feels reassuringly solid which is handy if you plan you carry them around.

The headset weighs 308g which is lighter than some of the previous EPOS models like the H6 Pro and 602’s which is surprising considering it is jam-packed with new features.

The adjustable headband is padded with memory foam and covered in leatherette making them very comfortable to wear especially for long gaming sessions.

The ear pads also feature the same memory foam and leatherette padding which gently cushions your ears and prevents too much pressure from being placed on your head, however they still keep the headset held nicely in place with no wobble or drift.

Despite the thickness of the ear pads they are still very soft and don’t get too hot cause sweating adds to comfortable prolonged use, the padding can also be removed and replaced if they get damaged.

The H3Pro Hybrid was a joy to use on my PC, Xbox and Switch



The earcups are slightly smaller than previous models but still managed to completely cover my ears and remain comfortable while keeping me immersed in games.

The H3 Pro hybrid is very simple to use with only three external buttons on the bottom, including the on/off button, ANC Switch, and Bluetooth smart button as well as a battery status LED light and USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack input.

The Smart button also allows to change presets, awnser calls and even stop and start music.

It is available in three colours White, Black and Green. I chose the black version which except for the band is more of a cobalt blue colour.

As standard in most high-end EPOS headsets, the Boom Arm that holds the mic in the left ear cup and fetures a filp up to mute control, it’s also very quick and easy to remove as it is magnetically connected.

It’s handy to remove if you want it out of the way or if you are already using a dedicated microphone like the EPOS B20 for example.

Where the boom arm is removed can then be covered with a small magnetic plate, keeping that design neat and clean and protecting the contacts but also making it look less weird if you were them outside.

Another feature of the EPOS gaming headphones is the Volume control dial on the right ear cup, but this has been made smaller and more sensitive, it controls the windows master volume and not any sperate or addition volume settings.

While it can take some time to get used to using a dial instead of keyboard shortcuts these are really handy to switch volume quickly on the fly even while in the middle of a firefight.

The H3Pro Hybrids mic did a great job of isolating my voice from background noise



The H3Pro Hybrids 40mm drivers sound superb, the bass is strong yet never overwhelming, mids and highs were clear as crystal and I was surprised with the sharp details, allowing me to really home in on particular sounds and effects in-game.

It also helped with positioning enemies and really took games like Call of Duty to the next level. It also added depth to films and music allowing me to really listen and focus on specific instruments without any of them feeling lost and blended together.

One of the biggest draws to picking up this headset is the addition of ANC or Active Noise Cancelling which will reduce background and environmental sounds.

Due to the large over-ear design that creates a seal around your ear the H3PRO Hybrid already has some decent passive noise reduction.

However, the recent addition of ANC really helps bump up your immersion into your games, films and music helping you retain your concentration.

It works best at removing low buzzing and humming sounds, so it did a great job of removing any sounds of my PC’s fans or any other machines I had running.

However it also did a really good job of just reducing background sounds like the TV, talking and my dog snoring, it was invaluable to mitigate the rumbling on the bus or tube while I was playing my Switch.

The H3Pro Hybrid isn’t just limited to being used at a PC desk, it is also great on the go


James Ide)

The H3 is incredibly versatile as you can use it via Bluetooth 5.2, wired to a 3.5mm jack, via USB and with the lag-free wireless low-latency dongle, all of which were fast enough for online gaming. The best option I found was a direct USB-C connetions as it was the fastest and clearest option.

As you can use it with a multitude of devices from a full gaming PC rig, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch or Smartphones.

Even more useful is the ability to connect multiple devices at once, so you can have your mobile phone connected while you are gaming and ensure you’re not missing any important calls and are keeping up to date with your messages and socials.

The wireless functionality is incredibly freeing as well when playing it means I can get up and more away from my screen while keeping the headset on, and I can also take calls if I need to as well.

It’s also one of the few ‘gaming headsets’ I’ve reviewed that I haven’t minded wearing outside thanks to its sleek appearance and stable connectivity.

Once fully charged the H3Pro Hybrid offers 37 hours of Bluetooth audio but this drops down to around 22 hours with ANC enabled, which I leave on most of the time.

However, battery life can be extended to a whopping 24 hours when playing on a 3.5 mm cable connection.

The EPOS gaming suite is a fantastic tool for further enhancing the headsets capabilities


EPOS/James Ide)

The headset charges via USB-C and takes around 2 hours to fully charge. Battery status is given whenever you turn the headset on and as well and as a voice indication of the amount of charge remaining.

While you can use the H3 Pro Hybrid without any software I would recommend also installing the EPOS Gaming Suite software to get the most out of this device.

The software, aside from offering updates and features several useful settings like equalizer settings from both your audio input and mics output.

Allowing you to fine-tune your experience and it’s very handy for streamers or meetings allowing you to enhance your voice and add warmth and reduce the pickup of unwanted background noise.

Through the Gaming Suite, you can also switch between stereo 2.0 and 7.1 surround sound, with the 7.1 offering greater depth and better audio quality allowing you to pick up more subtle sounds.

You can also create your own presets which can be easily swapped out on the fly by pressing the Smart button.

Verdict 4/5

The H3 Pro Hybrid improves on the already very impressive H3 headsets, it’s a comfortable versatile set of headphones that still features that signature sharp sound that works well hooked up to a gaming rig or on the go.

Whether you use the added wireless functionality and ANC or not they are worthwhile additions and help you adapt to your environment and get the most out of your games.

For £239 The H3Pro Hybrid does not come cheap and they are many more affordable alternatives, but given its array of features and impressive build, audio quality and incredible comfort the H3 Pro Hybrid is the only option for gamers who want the best audio experience available.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset is out now for £239 and is available from the EPOS website and from Currys.

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