The Most Downloaded Mobile Games During this Pandemic (March 2020)

While March was mellow and uncertain, it did not cause havoc for the gaming community. Interestingly, there were some noteworthy spikes in downloads of your favourite games. What could possibly people do under a lockdown? Play online games for sure. Though it was predicted that the year would twirl the mobile gaming industry and make it bigger and better, it was again proved that it’s not every industry that awaits a downfall. The market for mobile gaming is at all time high and indulging mobile game developers&companies to develop much more games. we could just glorify its existence.

In tough times like this, it looks like the world took mobile gaming as their solution to bid farewell to boredom. While it is assumed by communities that mental issues would be a bitter truth to gulp, people are trying to come together through entertainment. Even WHO has turned up saying video gaming as a healing idea amidst this pandemic which previously was constituted as a gaming disorder. If this is not a good news, then what could be?

There have been major increases in internet activities throughout the globe, some associating with social media to stay connected with the rest of the world, others simply resorting to mobile games to share a time of happiness and laughter. Multiplayer games are getting popular and this is said to increase if the lockdown extends. Let’s take a look at the games that have been quite favorite in March 2020.

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