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Damn, even the poster is creepy AF.
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It’s time to get creeped the hell out all over again because The Nun is back.

This September, The Conjuring Universe returns to the past with a sequel to the 2018 hit The Nun. The film is, appropriately, called The Nun II; it picks up the action four years after the first film, in 1956, as Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) is once again faced with the ultimate evil: Valak the demon nun. The sequel will also introduce a new set of characters (including one played by Last of Us’ Storm Reid) and terrors. Here’s the effectively creepy first trailer.


Scaring adults is one thing. Scaring little kids is another and the trailer focuses heavily on that. But what do we think the truth is behind “the greatest evil in The Conjuring universe”? It sure seems like we’re going to learn even more about the origins of Valak, which should be interesting. But after the first film directly liked to The Conjuring II, where Valak first appeared, you have to wonder exactly how the events of this movie will bridge the gap between the two, since the first movie ended with such a specific connection.

At this point though, audiences surely trust in the teams behind these movies as almost every single one has been fun, scary, and interesting in some way. And this time, that goes doubly, because it has a story by Akela Cooper, the woman behind M3GAN and Malignant. She co-wrote The Nun II with Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing, while Michael Chaves, who did The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, directs.

The Nun II opens in theaters September 8.

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