These Wireless Earbuds Use AI to Help Improve Your Workouts

Blade AI Heart Rate Wireless Earbuds (Photo Credit: Soul Electronics/Indiegogo)

Standard headphones don’t do much for exercise, however, Soul Electronics aims to change that with its new innovation: Wireless earbuds that use AI to help elevate your workouts.

On Wednesday, Soul Electronics debuted the Soul Blade earbuds on Indiegogo, and it already surpassed its $30,000 crowdfunding goal, Digital Trends reported. These high-tech earbuds, which are expected to cost $249, aim to help cyclists, runners, and other fitness enthusiasts elevate their athletic performance with advanced AI coaching.

What makes these earbuds cool is their ability to monitor the user’s heart rate during physical activity, so no bulky chest straps are required to collect information. This isn’t the only advanced feature of the earbuds though: They can also track user’s motions during their fitness routine, and collect data on distance traveled, stride length, and speed.

The powerhouse behind the earbuds is a system dubbed BiomechEngine from Beflex, a small chip designed for fitness wearables. Soul Electronics collaborated with BiomechEngine to leverage AI for the earbuds, which allow users to access real-time coaching tips during their workouts. When they’re engaging in exercise, a voice comes out of their earbuds that directs them to change their motions, correct their posture, or slow down to prevent injuries.

If you would like to buy these earbuds, you’re in luck: On Indiegogo, Soul Electronics is offering early bird specials where you can reserve a Soul Blade set for as low as $129. Soul Electronics said it will start delivering the Soul Blade earbuds in October 2019.

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