This iPhone 12 Pro concept is straight fire and I want it so bad

We’ve heard tons and tons of rumors about whether Apple will get its flagship iPhones out the door in September this year, as would be the norm. But ignoring all of that, can we just take a moment to enjoy this concept. And by enjoy, I mean drool over. Good.

Rumors of an iPhone 12 Pro based on a design language borrowed from iPad Pro have been around for weeks. And before that, rumors of a return to the iPhone 4 design were popular as well. This new concept from Róbert Hallon of is based on all of those rumors, including those that bring a LiDAR Scanner to an iPhone for the first time.

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Hallon has based the concept on details shared by leaker Jon Prosser over the weekend, giving us an up-to-date look at what we can hopefully expect when Tim Cook and Phil Schiller put virtual sneaker to virtual stage later this year. My fingers are most definitely crossed. Toes too.

We see the smaller notch in this concept, alongside an earpiece speaker that’s built into the frame of the iPhone rather than the screen.

First of all, it is moving the speaker to the top of the frame. We are now accustomed to the fact that the speaker is hidden directly in the viewport. It probably takes too much space and Apple wants to use it more efficiently. The camera should remain in its old position within the entire Face ID set. We rely on information shared by the renowned leaker, Jon Prosser.

I’ve shared a couple of Hallon’s images here but be sure to check out the full, detailed post over at They really are gorgeous.

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