Pixel Watch leaks seem to be surfacing more and more now that Google I/O is getting closer. And the latest Pixel Watch leaks are the best ones yet. They showcase someone actually wearing what appears to be the Pixel Watch, and according to 9To5Google (via Reddit user tagtech414), the bands that are attached to the watch are of 20mm width. Which puts them right in line with what you get from the Galaxy Watch 4 and numerous other smartwatches.

But how does it feel? Is it comfortable? User tagtech414 says the watch is the “most comfortable watch they’ve ever worn.” And that sort of speaks volumes about Google’s attention to detail where comfort is concerned, especially for its first smartwatch.

Despite the comfort, though, the bands are reportedly a “pain to attach.” At least for the first time around. The more you detach and re-attach them, the process is likely to get easier. As you should become more familiar with it. So take that for what you will.

That being said, the band also apparently feels extremely secure. So even if attaching them the first time feels like a chore, there shouldn’t be a worry about them coming undone.

The Pixel Watch feels thinner than it looks

Some potentially good news for those worried about the watch’s thickness, is that it “feels thinner than the measurements would have you believe.” Based on past leaks, the Pixel Watch does look like a thick device. But wearing seems to be a different story.

This particular band shown in the images is made of a soft silicone. Which matches up with some of the details in the trademark that Google recently filed for the name Pixel Watch earlier this month. In the trademark documentation, “Pixel Watch” covers the watch itself and accessories. Which mentions bands and straps made of varying materials, including silicone, leather etc.

The images also show how much of the glass is actually usable display. In addition to a few shots of the device from multiple angles. All-in-all, first impressions of the Pixel Watch from this user are good. Granted your own first impressions may be different. But this at least bodes well for anyone who’s been interested in this device.


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