Top 5 Apps To Mirror Your Android Phone on a Computer

There might be many reasons for mirroring your Android phone’s screen on your computer or any other device. Whether it’s because you want to play Android games on a big screen like PC or Television, checking app performance on the Android phone mockup, or sharing media files to your computer, Android screen mirroring can help you in many ways.

As there’re many other methods to share files between Android and computer and people less frequently need mirroring in their daily life so very few people know what actually the screen mirroring is.

Well, if you would like to mirror your Android phone to any computer, there’re plenty of methods available. In this article, I’m going to share with you the top 5 apps to mirror your Android phone on any computer very easily and quickly.

Top Applications To Mirror Android Screen on Computer

These applications will let you mirror your Android phone on any computer wirelessly or using USB debugging. So, for some of the following applications, you’ll need to turn on USB debugging from Android developer options. And for that Developer mode must be enabled on your phone.

To enable Developer mode and turn on USB debugging, just go to Settings > About Phone and press 7 times on Build number or Software version. You’ll then see a message “You are now a developer”, it means you’ve enabled the Developer Mode.

Enable Developer Mode

Go back to Settings, scroll down the Developer Option. Under the Developer Options, turn on USB Debugging. That’s all.

Turn on USB Debugging


You’re now ready to use the following applications to mirror your Android screen to any computer. Let’s have a look:

1. AirDroid

From File management to Android Screen Mirroring, AirDroid helps you with many useful features. With this application, you can have complete remote access and control of your Android phone from Windows and Mac without rooting.

AirDroid makes it very easy to mirror your Android phone to a computer or laptop. To make this happen, you’ll need the AirDroid Android app and Desktop Client at the same time. It also has a web client that enables users to manage their devices on the web.

How to Mirror Android Screen Using AirDroid?

With AirDroid, you can do it wirelessly and so there will be no use of USB. All you need to download the AirDroid applications for both; your Android phone and computer in which you would like to mirror your phone’s screen.

Airdroid Screen Mirroring

To make it easier, just follow the steps below:

  • The very first step is to download the AirDroid Android app on your phone from Google Play Store.
  • Next, download AirDroid desktop client via the AirDroid official website, or alternatively you also use its web client.
  • Now, sign up for an AirDroid account either in the desktop client app or in the web client.
  • Finally, add your phone to your AirDroid account by signing in to your Android app version.

That’s all! You’re now all set to mirror your Android phone’s screen to the computer with the help of either desktop client or the web client. All you now need to sign in to your account in your desktop or web client and mirror your Android using AirMirror option out there.

What’s the Price of AirDroid?

AirDroid comes with two main plans; basic and premium plan. The basic plan is actually a Free plan which lets you use AirDroid with some limited features. And as it allows you to do screen mirroring, I suggest you go with the basic plan first.

The premium plan costs $2.99/month and $24.99/year. You can anytime upgrade your basic plan to premium if you require more features and a better experience.

2. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is another powerful screen mirroring application that lets you cast your Android and iOS screen to a Windows computer or Mac. It also allows you to remotely control your Android phone on the computer using a mouse and keyboard.

After mirroring Android to your PC, ApowerMirror not only lets you enjoy playing games and watching movies on the bigger screen but also allows you to record and capture all the activities you’re doing on your phone.

How to Mirror Android on Your PC Using ApowerMirror?

With ApowerMirror, you can mirror your Android screen on a laptop or computer wirelessly, and also without internet connection using the USB cable. For this app, I will prefer the USB method because it not only lets you mirror the phone screen but also allows you to control it remotely. But, if you do it with the wireless connection, you can just mirror the screen with no functionality. Here are the simple steps to mirror your Android on PC via USB:

ApowerMirror App



  • Download the ApowerMirror desktop program in your computer and Android app on the phone.
  • Now, connect Android phone to the computer via USB cable. And make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your smartphone.
  • Open the ApowerMirror Android app in the phone and tap “START NOW” on the permission notification.

As soon as you’ll tap on “START NOW”, your Android phone screen will be mirrored on the PC. You may also do it wirelessly without using a USB cable.

What’s the Price of ApowerMirror?

ApowerMirror comes with a free version, personal, and a business version. The free version has all the features of the premium versions except the two things that it will show a watermark and you won’t be allowed to use it for commercial purposes with the free version.

The personal version costs $39.95/year and $59.95 for a lifetime. It also has a personal lifetime (family) version for up to 5 users that cost $199.9 only. Business versions are a bit costlier, you can check on its official website.

3. MirrorGo

MirrorGo is a tool comes with Wondershare’s dr.fone toolkit. It not only lets you mirror the Android on PC but also lets you record and capture the screen. With MirrorGo, you can transfer files between your PC and Android phone.

Now, let’s know how you can mirror your Android screen on the computer using the MirrorGo application.

How to Mirror Android on PC Using MirrorGo Application?

MirrorGo makes it easy to mirror your Android screen on a computer or laptop. You can make it happen either by connecting your phone and computer with a USB or a wireless connection. Here’re the steps:

Wondershare MirrorGo

  • Install MirroGo application on your Android phone from Google Play Store.
  • Download and install MirrorGo desktop client on your PC from its website.
  • Launch MirrorGo app on the computer and connect Android to PC via USB or WiFi.

You can now easily mirror your Android screen to PC.

What is the Price of Wondershare MirrorGo?

MirrorGo comes with a one-month, one-year, and lifetime subscription plan which costs $5.95/month, $16.95/year, and $39.95 for a lifetime. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any free plan. But, you can try it for a few days before making a purchase.

4. Mobzapp’s Screen Stream Mirroring

Mobzapp’s Screen Stream Mirroring is another most powerful app for streaming and mirroring your Android phone to another device. In addition to screen mirroring, it allows live broadcasting and screen recording as well.

How Mobzapp’s Screen Stream Mirroring Works?

With Mobzapp’s Screen Stream Mirroring, you can mirror your Android phone’s screen on a PC or any other device using USB and WiFi connection. But, it’s a bit different than others as it works with just an Android application without the need of any desktop client.

It actually works with the help of a URL that you need to paste in the device where you want to mirror the Android. You can paste the URL either in your computer’s web browser to mirror the Android screen or in the VLC. Let’s know in detail.

Here’re the steps to mirror your Android screen on web browser:

Mobzapp Mirroring on Web Browser

It will stream your Android phone into your computer’s web browser. Mobzapp’s Screen Stream Mirroring app allows you to mirror your phone’s screen on a computer using media player tools like VLC.

Here’s how you can mirror your Android phone’s screen on a computer using VLC player:

Mobzapp Mirroing on VLC

  • Open the VLC player on your PC.
  • Navigate to File Menu » Open Network Stream.
  • Enter the URL given in the Android app.
  • Enjoy the stream.

What’s the Price of Mobzapp Screen Stream Mirroring App?

It has both a free and a premium version. The free version comes with some limitations but still, it’s good to go if you just want to try it once or don’t require more features. The paid version costs $4.99 that can also be installed from Google Play Store.

5. Vysor

I’m putting it at the fifth number doesn’t mean that it’s not that good but the truth is that Vysor is the best of all the above-listed applications to mirror your Android on a computer.

Vysor not only allows you to mirror Android on the computer but also control it through the mouse and keyboard. You can use your Android applications on the PC, play your favorite Android games, and much more.

How to Mirror Android on a PC Using Vysor?

Vysor lets you mirror your Android screen on PC with USB tethering as well as a wireless connection. I prefer you to do it through USB.

Vysor Android Screen Mirroring

Following are the simplest steps to mirror Android on PC using Vysor:

  • Install the Vysor Android app from Google Play Store.
  • Download Vysor desktop software from its official website.
  • Connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Windows users will need to install ADB drivers.
  • Now, open the Vysor software on your computer and click on the “Find Devices” button if you didn’t see your Android device there.
  • Once, you see your Android device visible there, just tap on the “View” button to start mirroring.

As soon as you’ll click on View, your Android’s screen will be mirrored on the PC. It’s simple and cool. Alternatively, you can also download the Vysor Chrome app in your Google Chrome browser instead of downloading Vysor mirroring software on the computer. If you don’t even want to download the Chrome app, Vysor works online with its web app. All you need to visit the Vysor web app, connect Android to PC via USB and stream. It’s that simple!

What’s the Price of Vysor Screen Mirroring Software?

Vysor comes with a free and a pro plan. The free version is limited to mirroring and controlling your Android whereas the pro plan many other features like High-Quality Mirroring, Wireless Mirroring, Full-Screen Mode, and more. The pro version costs $2.50/mo, $10/yr, or $40/lifetime.

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Do You Want To Suggest Any Other Android Screen Mirroring App?

All the above-listed applications are top picked options for you which will allow you easily mirror your Android phone’s screen on a computer with fewer efforts.

There are still a few more Android screen mirroring apps available such as TCGames, Mobizen Mirroring, and much more. Apart from them, if you would like to suggest any other Android screen mirroring app that works really great, feel free to write it down via comments.

Among these top 5 screen mirroring applications, I personally liked AirDroid and Vysor. What’s your choice? Share your thoughts about which one of these 5 applications you’re going to use to mirror your Android phone screen on a computer.

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