By now, we all know the routine. Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and lastly, Giving Tuesday. Now that we’ve all survived the Thanksgiving feast and holiday shopping that follows, we’re in the throes of Giving Tuesday. So why not use Giving Tuesday to give yourself the gift of teacher training?

American Board’s Teacher Training Program

You may think that becoming a teacher requires you to go back to school for a degree in education. But that isn’t actually the case. Instead, if you already hold a bachelor’s degree—in any subject—you can earn your teacher certification online from the comfort of your own home. American Board is a nonprofit teacher training program that was founded by the United States Department of Education 20 years ago. To date, nearly 15,000 teachers across the U.S. have launched their teaching careers using American Board’s program.

American Board’s program is as streamlined as teacher certification gets. You simply enroll online by visiting If you have questions when visiting the website, there is a live chat function you can use. Manned by real humans, the chat team is available 24 hours a day and can answer any certification questions you may have. Once you’re enrolled in American Board’s program, you are simply required to pass two final exams. Conveniently, you’re able to study for these exams whenever the timing works for you. You aren’t required to attend any night classes or participate in any unpaid student teaching experience. Best of all, the program can be completed in as little as two months.

It’s truly that simple. But then again, it was designed to be simple. Schools and students need more teachers and we don’t see a reason to make teacher certification any more difficult than it needs to be.

Use Giving Tuesday to Become a Teacher

So how can you use Giving Tuesday to become a teacher? You’ve got two main options.

First, give yourself the gift of a truly meaningful career. If you’ve long wanted to become a teacher, now is the time to make your move. Schools have never been so in need of great teachers, so you’re sure to secure a job quickly once you’ve earned certification. Take advantage of holiday pricing discounts offered by American Board and you could be certified for as little as $1,450—total! American Board doesn’t charge hidden fees like $500 text books. But do pay attention to American Board’s website because the discounts offered vary throughout the holiday season.

Secondly, if you’re not able to cover American Board’s fee on your own, don’t worry. We’re discussing Giving Tuesday, after all! Use this time to let friends and family know what you are trying to accomplish. If you’re meant to be a teacher, it is likely that those closest to you have mentioned it to you on more than one occasion. Teachers need positivity and a passion for making a difference. These aren’t traits that go unnoticed. So think back on who has encouraged you to pursue teaching in the past and let them know you’re ready!

Once you have a couple friends and family members on board, crowdfund your teacher certification. This means using website like GoFundMe or Kickstarter to raise the money you need. Read about the available crowdfunding website here. You would not be the first to utilize such a clever idea. Click here to read a blog post about an American Board teacher in South Carolina who used GoFundMe to cover the cost of her certification. The blog post also includes specifics about how you can make your crowdfunding efforts successful. We’ve included some key information below.

Crowdfunding Your Teacher Certification

To be sure you are successful in crowdfunding your certification costs, see the tips below.

  1. Be specific. Spell out very clearly which certification program you are using and how much money it costs. This helps potential donors understand that their donation makes a real difference in getting you closer to your goal. (American Board costs $1,900 without applying any holiday discounts.)
  2. Get started today. Explain the work you’ve already done in order to become certified. For example, you can enroll in a free trial of American Board’s program online, and begin your studying today. Be sure to mention what subject you plan to teach and what experience you have that will help you be great teaching that subject. This lets potential donors know you’re serious.
  3. Explain why this is important. The teacher shortage is now extreme and nationwide. Let donors know that your state and county need more teachers, and that you’re trying to help solve a problem that affects students daily.

For more information on crowdfunding your teacher certification, click here.

Be sure to visit American Board’s website today to get started. Lastly, you can hear directly from program graduates by visiting American Board’s YouTube page.


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