From virtual webinars and workshops to remotely recorded interviews and presentations, our video content has evolved and grown over the past year! We’ve covered  a wide variety of  biology topics, addressed professional development needs in science training, and discussed  current events. For a selection of our videos, we’ve also published educator resources to help integrate them into the classroom. 

Here is our curated list of videos that are great for the classroom. As you start working on your lesson plans for the coming year, we invite you to take a look through the most recent learning objectives, review questions, and other useful resources we’ve created for our content. If you want access to all of our classroom resources, sign up for our educator portal.

The Most Beautiful Experiment: Meselson and Stahl

Includes Educator Resources

Meselson Stahl Experiment

Matt Meselson and Frank Stahl share the story of their groundbreaking experiment from 1958 that definitively showed semiconservative DNA replication.

Archaea and the Tree of Life 

Includes Educator Resources

Archaea: Dipti Nayak

Dipti Nayak explains how the mysterious microbes known as archaea are helping scientists rewrite the tree of life.

The Making of a Parasitic Plant

Includes Educator Resources

Making of a Parasitic Plant: Caitlin Conn

Caitlin Conn describes the common life strategies of parasitic plants in this active learning video designed for undergraduate education.

Systematic Approaches for Mapping the Cell

Includes Educator Resources

Systematic Approaches for Mapping the Cell: Manuel Leonetti

Manuel Leonetti outlines the different genome-wide approaches that scientists are using to build a complete map of the human cellular architecture.

Single Cell Sequencing

single-cell-sequencing: Eric Chow

Eric Chow gives an overview of single cell sequencing, explains why this approach is useful, and talks through the leading methods.

The Cell Wall

Cell Wall: Siobhan Braybrook

Siobhan Braybrook talks about how the unique chemical and physical properties of cell walls allow plants and seaweed to attain great heights and form amazing shapes.

Mitochondria, Metabolism, and Cell Behavior

Mitochondria: The Mysterious Cellular Parasite: Jared Rutter

Jared Rutter shares new insights into the interplay between mitochondria, metabolism, and cellular behavior.

Share Your Research: How to Give a Good Talk

Includes Educator Resources

Share Your Research: How to Give a Good Talk

This free course guides you through the steps of creating and delivering a good research talk.

Presentations Slide Design and Delivery

Rethinking Scientific Presentations: The Assertion-Evidence Approach: Michael Alley

Michael Alley shares his expertise on how to design presentation slides and confidently deliver an effective scientific talk.

Publishing in a Pandemic: The Preprint Revolution

Preprints: Jessica Polka

Jessica Polka, Executive Director of ASAPbio, talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired a surge in the use of preprints to share research rapidly and how this is changing perceptions of peer review.

Studying Coronaviruses

Corona Virus

Infectious disease researchers Tracey Goldstein and Koen Van Rompay discuss the process of detecting and identifying a new coronavirus, and the steps needed to develop a vaccine.

From Oncogenes to PLOS

Systematic Approaches for Mapping the Cell: Harold Varmus

Harold Varmus talks to Dan Rather about his journey from literature major to scientist, and from the discovery of oncogenes to creating the Public Library of Science (PLoS).


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