1. Discipline –

It is very important to be very disciplined about your work, A person who is disciplined can achieve harder works very easily. Whatever project you are working on, and whatever daily task you are doing should be done on the daily basis without any laziness. If you will do like this then only you will be able to do better in your job and can learn a lot of different things without hurting the necessary daily work.

2) Updated with technology –

It’s very important that you should always keep yourself updated with the technology, it will not only help you in increasing your knowledge but also help in using those updation in your projects also, Whenever there any update comes, it comes for betterment. It will help you in your career also a lot.

3) Stay humble – This is the main quality of a software developer, you might be an excellent software developer, but you should also always remain humble and try to help your colleagues every time. There may be changes in many of the items that the code that you have made, may have some error and if anyone tells you about that then you should accept it as constructive criticism, this will help you also in debugging the bug and it will create confidence in your team also.

4) Curious –

You should always be curious to learn new technologies which are coming in the market, In this field every time there is updation in technology, the new technology takes place, so you should always be curious to understand and apply that technology. It will help you to keep yourself competitive with the world.

5) Good communication skill –

You should always communicate properly with your team members. Always help them with whatever problem they are facing. Appreciate for their achievements and try to solve their mistakes. Whenever you are working on any project, then it will help you a lot.

6) Technical Skills –

In the software industry, technical skills are the most important skill, a person should have. always try to sharpen your technical skills as much as you can. Practise a lot on your technical things. Follow many article, blogs etc on the internet to gain knowledge.

7) Time and Task management –

Always try to manage your time and task properly, it is very important to do learn new things but along with that, you should always finish your daily work. Make a list of 80-20 priority, the 20% work which is most important should be done earlier and then the 80% work. It will help you to complete your project before the completion time of your project.

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