X-plore File Manager, developed by Lonely Cat Games, is a file management application for mobile phones, with lots of great functions for the file system of a phone.

X-plore File Manager Features

Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Picasa, Zip, Rar explorer are all presented as double tables in X-plore File Manager. Applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box.net, SkyDrive, and others provide access to cloud storage services. There’s also an image viewer, video, audio, and text player, as well as the ability to see hex code and the APK file in zip format. Support for fast image viewing with the zoom function and the ability to flick through photographs in the folder before or after. Thumbnailing photographs and videos, as well as a variety of other file formats, is possible. Using compatible devices and from any place, you may share and transmit files over Bluetooth, email, or any other method.

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The buttons and shortcuts have been placed to make the user’s life easier. The main method of interaction is through the touch screen, which may be used to access files by clicking on folders or files, or by long clicking to open a context menu with choices that can be applied to single or multiple selected objects. It can operate on many files at once thanks to multiple choices.

Users may see into Android phones and tablets using X-plore. This is a dual-pane viewer, which means you can simultaneously examine two folders and do typical tasks like moving files from one table to another. Furthermore, X-plore shows a tree-based folder structure. This allows users to keep track of where the file system is and relocate it easily to another place. Other files and folders will have a somewhat darker backdrop, while the currently chosen folder and files will be highlighted.

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Network Support

The device’s external socket can be explored by users. You may modify system data, backup information, and uninstall unneeded apps if you’ve rooted your smartphone. If you’re a frequent user, you can conceal internal memory to keep your system from being jumbled. Users may see the contents of external storage, whether it’s a tablet’s high-capacity internal memory, an external memory card, or a USB port. You won’t have to search the device for various storage kids because they’re all displayed at the top level. It allows access to FTP and FTPS (secure FTP) servers, as well as numerous servers that may be configured. On the FTP server, you may do all basic file operations.

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More Features

X-plore can connect to a variety of cloud storage providers and retrieve stored data. Users must first create an account with such services before being able to view files stored using X-plore. The most common file and folder management actions are views, copy, move, delete, compress in Zip format, extract, rename, share, and so on.
Picasa albums: X-plore can view and download images from Picasa albums, create albums, add and remove photos, and modify text.
View SQLite database: X-plore supports displaying SQLite database files in tabular format, each table contains a series of columns and rows with database entries. The main interaction is done on the touch screen, clicking on folders or files to open them, or holding for a while to open the context menu with possible options or multiple items at once.

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Multi-selection allows users to perform a task on multiple files at the same time. Select the file via the checkbox. You can also select all files in a folder or remove the selection by checking the box again.

For common file formats including pictures, music, video, and text, opening files involves using one of the built-in readers. Users may also enable X-plore to open the file using the system application, in this case, the system has predetermined that the program will be able to open a file that will work. Compressed files (Zip and Rar formats presently supported) are shown as folders. You may open them, see their contents, and do additional operations like renaming, deleting, and copying.
The features are extremely diverse and useful for you to manage the files on your phone easily. Therefore, X-plore file manager is definitely an app that you should own on your phone.


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